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Resistance Releasement Healing Session

Session Length: 1 Hour

Session Price: $49


Resistance can be anywhere in the world and everywhere all at the same time. Did you know that you can even have this within your own energy fields. We actually have a resistance energy pattern within our energetic makeup that can hold onto problem areas such as blockages, leakage points, old programming, negative energy patterns and much more. This resistance pattern can get damaged, dense or bogged down with negative energy holding positive energy flow back for our energy fields and lives.

We have all come across resistance sometime in our life and on a variety of levels. It may have been from within or others who said we could not do this or that when we had our dreams set and had a strong desire to get something accomplished.Resistance is something we are not immune to as there is always going to be someone out there that is trying to resist our pathway in life, but we can now remove these energetic patterns from within our energy fields so that we can be free flowing for our own goals!

Releasing Resistance Session will remove all of these issues from within at your soul level, spiritual level, and your energetic level in one session.When you come across resistance in your life, what do you end up doing first? Many people put up their defenses and resist back without even realizing this. This is very common and is not a good trait for your energetic or physical bodies. Resistance is something that we are taught when we are very young and is something that is also very natural to many people as they feel that they need to have the "fight or flight" response to this. But it does not have to be this way as you can have these issues removed so that there is no resistance in what you are trying to accomplish in your life.

When you are coming up against resistance you are literally sending more resistance back into the Universe, and generally without even knowing that you are doing this. This ends up creating more obstacles for you to overcome. You have to break the cycle to move forward. These barriers will be broken down and sent to be reborn into positive healing light so that the open pathway lies ahead for you to conquer your dreams. You do not want to fight with the resistance, but rather understand what this does, allow it to be within the Universe, and step aside from this and move toward the positive energy flow. This session takes 1 hour to complete.

All of our healing sessions are designed to work on the appropriate areas of your energy fields for the releasement and healing of each session. Each healing session includes working with a combination of different energy formats to create this type of healing work based on the patterns that are being worked  on. If you have any questions prior to your purchase, or any general healing questions as well, contact us at support@healingartforms.com. You will receive an introductory email from Ms. Lanning within 24 hours of your purchase to get your healing session scheduled in and to start down your new healing pathway in life!