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Energetic Scan For Relationship

Session Length: 2 Hours

Session Price: $199


Relationship Energetic Scan is an energetic scan done for a specific issue, or issues, that reside between two parties for their relationship. This type of energetic scan is something that is done for both person's energy fields. For relationship work it is about seeing how your energy is connected in with the other person's energy, see where all of the connection points are for both positive and negative and working to find where the root causes of the issues reside. For a relationship energy scan, this can be done for people who want to have a stronger connection and healthier relationship, however this scan can also be done for those who want to disconnect from a relationship in their life to locate all connections and energy exchange that they share.

A basic energetic scan is normally done for one person to see what is going on within their energy fields for a specific issue that they want to work on. The root causes of the problem can be detected and then you can go from there to see how you want to progress on your healing pathway for the problem. For a relationship it is a bit more complex as you have more than just your own energy to work on for this healing. When their are more than one energy fields to take into consideration you have to see how these are connected and where the problems reside. This is what the Relationship Energetic Scan is for. Relationships can have many issues in them that can cause havoc on both energy fields. It is not just about how one person's energy is balanced with this, but rather how both are, where the common links are for the connections, how the energy is shared, and how you can go about healing the problems that they are facing. This can then show what is going on, how it can be corrected, and how things can then be balanced for both energy fields.

A Relationship Energetic Scan works on both energy fields for the two people involved in the relationship, so for this scan session both parties information is needed for the scan, name and location is fine for this type of work. For the scan itself, Nicole Lanning will connect in with one of the parties for the scan and through their energy fields scan for all of the connection points with the other person that is involved. Once this has been completed, the connection is then reversed looking at all of the connection points from the other person's energy fields to see how the energy connections line up. From there the overlapping connections are then noticed and detected for the energetic issues that are being shared between the two parties involved. A detail report of the issues that were detected will be sent to you within 24 hours after the scan has been completed for you to review and see how you would like to progress with your healing of these problems. A Relationship Energetic Scan requires both parties names and locations and takes 2 hours complete.


Sample Relationship Energy Scan Report:

Chakra Cords:
For your chakra cords and connections that you two share, you have a total of 219  positive cords, 178 negative cords and 31 damaged cords here my dear. You two also share a total of 62 connection points here as well. There is also a total of 2 blockages and 1 negative energy pattern connecting in here within both of your energy fields for this level.

Cycle Patterns:
You two share a total of 2 cycle patterns and a total of 43 connections here for the cycle patterns as well. These are both dealing with forgiveness and allowing the other to be themselves in the relationship. These are connecting in through both soul levels and feeding into your chakras, aura layers, subconscious matrix and belief patterns for your energy fields.

Energetic Signature:
You two share a total of 31 connections here for this level. Out of these 22 are within your energy fields and remaining 9 are within his energy fields for the connection. This means your energetic signature and connections are exchanging much more energy for this level then his here. Out of these 3 are very damaged and leaking a lot of energy here. There is also one negative energy pattern that you two share for this level.

All of our energy scans are designed to scan the appropriate energetic fields, patterns, layers, and programming to detect all issues that are within these areas. If you have any questions prior to your purchase, or any healing or energy scan questions in general, contact us at support@healingartforms.com. You will receive an introductory email from Ms. Lanning within 24 hours of your purchase to get your energy scan session scheduled in and to start down your new healing pathway in life!