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All of our healing sessions are performed through a distant healing energy connection through an energetic meditative state on our end, as this is how we connect in with our clients.

Below is a list of our basic individual sessions in alphabetical order and a basic description of each one so you can see everything in one list that we offer. All sessions also list the session length and pricing. When you are ready to purchase your healing sessions you can simply click on our WebStore and add them to you cart for purchase.

If you are looking for Animal Healing Sessions or Home/Office Healing Sessions, please visit our Customized Healing Sessions page. If you wish to download a listing of our healing sessions you can do so here. If you are unsure of what healing session to work with contact us with the problem(s) you want to work on and we can offer some recommendations for healing work or you can check into one of our energy scan sessions.

Abandonment Clearing Session

Abundance Blockage Clearing Session

Abuse Trauma Clearing Session

Acceptance Healing Session

Akashic Records Session

Angelic Rebirthing Session

Astral Cord Healing Session

Attachment Removal (Other) Session

Attraction Opportunity Healing Session

Aura Attachments Removal Session

Aura Layers Healing (Main 7 Layers) Session

Belief Pattern Healing Session

Body Systems Healing Session

Cellular Pattern Healing Session

Chakra Cellular Memory Healing Session

Chakra Points Healing/Opening Session

Chakra Cords Healing Session

Co-Dependency Clearing Session

Communication Connections Healing Session

Control Clearing Healing Session

Cosmic Implant Removal Healing Session

Curse Pattern Removal Session

Cycle Pattern Removal Session

Dark Side Pattern Healing Session

Death Clock Healing Session

Demonic Attachments Removal Session

Destiny Healing Session

Divine Source Connection Healing Session

DNA Healing/Activation Session

Emotional Armor Healing Session

Emotional Balance Healing Session

Energetic Alignment Healing Session

Energetic Borders/Boundaries Healing Session

Energetic Knots Removal Session

Energetic Openings/Voided Areas Healing Session

Energetic Overflow Clearing Session

Energetic Signature Healing Session

Energetic Weaving Pattern Removal Session

Environmental Connections Healing Session

Etheric Blueprint Healing Session

Family Grid Lines Healing Session

Fear Clearing/Healing Session

Financial Pattern Healing Session

Floater Removal Healing Session

Forgiveness Healing Session

Four Lower Bodies Healing Session

Grid Planes Healing Session

Grieving Pattern Healing Session

Guilt Pattern Healing Session

Higher Self Connections Healing Session

Home Energy Patterns/Connections Healing Session

Hot Spots/Vortex Points Removal Healing Session

Interdimensional Planes Healing Session

Imprinted Layers (LEF) Healing Session

Incarnation Connections Healing Session

Inner Child Pattern Healing Session

Karma Pattern (Basic) Healing Session

Karma Pattern (Family) Healing Session

Karmic Barrier Removal Healing Session

Karmic Cords Healing Session

Karmic Implants Removal Session

Karmic Imprints Removal Session

Karmic Matrix Healing Session

Karmic Vortex Point Removal Healing Session

Life/Full Spirit Activation Pattern Healing Session

Light Bodies Ascension Healing Session

Love Meter Healing Session

Love Pattern Healing Session

Meridian Clearing/Healing Session

Negative/Positive Crystals Healing Session

Negative Etheric Implants Removal Session

Negativity Patterns Removal Session

Open Connections Healing Healing Session

Open Transference Points Healing Session

Paradigm Patterns Removal Healing Session

Parallel Existence Connections Healing Session

Parental Connections Healing Session

Past Life Cellular Memory Pattern Healing Session

Past Life Implants Removal Session

Past Life Karmic Imprints Removal Session

Past Life Portals Removal Session

Portals (Additional) Removal Session

Programming Patterns Removal Healing Session

Protection Pattern Healing Session

Protection Healing (Advanced) Session

Psychic Attachments/Implants Removal Session

Relationship Cords Healing Session

Resistance Clearing/Healing Session

Scarcity Pattern Healing Session

Seal Connections Healing Session

Self Esteem/Self Confidence Healing Session

Self Love Healing Session

Self Punishment Clearing/Healing Session

Self Worth Healing Session

Seven Plane Level of Energetic Reality Healing Session

Sexual Energy Healing Session

Shadow Attachment Removal Session

Silver Cord of Life Healing Session

Six Realms of Existence Healing Session

Soul Cleansing (Basic) Healing Session

Soul Contract Healing Session

Soul Mate Healing Session

Soul Matrix Healing Session

Soul Paradigm Pattern Removal Healing Session

Soul Retrieval/Fragment Healing Session

Spell Pattern Removal Session

Spiritual Baggage Removal Healing Session

Spiritual Communication Connections Healing Session

Spiritual Dimension Healing Session

Spiritual Entity Attachment Removal Session

Spiritual Parasite Removal Healing Session

Subconscious/Conscious Alignment Healing Session

Subconscious Matrix Healing Session

Ten Bodies Healing Session

Third Ear Pattern Healing Session

Third Eye Pattern Healing Session

Thirty One Planes Healing Session

Three Sheath Layers Healing Session

Toxic Energy Pattern Removal Session

True Soul Pattern Healing Session

Tunnels/Wormholes Removal Healing Session

Younger Self Pattern Healing Session

If you are looking for Animal Healing Sessions or Home Energy Sessions, please check out our Customized Healing Session page, as these are sessions we customize specific for your needs for your pet or home/office location. If you are wanting some suggestions on healing for specific issues we have also grouped them together for you so you know which ones to look for on the website. Everyone's energy and what led them to this point in their life is different, so each person's issues are going to be different as well. This is why we have some suggested healings listed below for you, as these are some of the more common areas people deal with for these topics, however again, each person's energy is different as these are just some areas to check into first. If you are unsure of which ones to choose from, have a topic that is not listed here and want to work on a specific issue or you want a customized session for the problem you are facing, contact us via email at support@healingartforms.com

Financial/Career Healing: Some suggested healings are Abundance Blockage Clearing, Scarcity Clearing, Financial Healing, Attraction Opportunity Healing, Energetic Alignment, Cycle Pattern, Paradigm Pattern Removal, Chakra Cleansing/Opening, Aura Healing, etc.

Love/Relationship Healing: Some suggested healings are Relationship Cord Healing, Self Love Blessing, Self Worth Blessing, Astral Cord Healing, Open Connections Healing, Love Blessing, Love Meter Clearing/Reset, Soul Mate Blessing, Energetic Alignment, Chakra Cleansing/Opening, Aura Healing, etc.

Health Healing: Some suggested healings are Four Lower Bodies, Grid Planes, Body Systems (all), Energetic Alignment, Paradigm and Cycle Pattern Removal, Open Connections Healing, Chakra Cleansing/Opening, Meridian Healing, Aura Healing, etc.

Emotional Healing: Some suggested healings are Emotional Armor Releasement, Emotional Balance Healing, Four Lower Bodies, Grid Planes, Energetic Alignment, Chakra Cleansing/Healing, Aura Healing, Self Love Healing, Acceptance Healing, Abuse Trauma Healing, Negativity Removal Healing, etc.

Physical Healing: Some suggested healings are Four Lower Bodies, Grid Planes, Body Systems (all), Energetic Alignment, Chakra Cleansing/Opening, Aura Healing, Meridian Healing, Light Bodies, etc.

All of our individual healing sessions, customized healings and energy scans are done through a distant healing with an energetic connection. No healing sessions or energy scans are performed over the phone, internet, chat, or video conference as these electronic devices can interfere with the healing process. During your healing session or energy scan you are asked to be in a relaxed and receptive state until the session is completed. You will receive your email report within 24 hours after your healing session explaining the process that was completed for your healing session and any additional information that came through.