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Group healing sessions are what Ms. Lanning has done in her past live seminars and retreats and she is now offering them for everyone online. These are done for all who want to join and for the topic of healing that is being worked on for that day/time listed below. All group healing sessions are only $99 per person for the entire 4 hour healing.

With a group healing session Ms. Lanning connects in directly with each person's energetic signature before starting the group healing work. Each person will have their own protection around them during the healing and their own integration at the end of the group healing as well. All of Ms. Lanning's group healing work is done distantly from the comfort of your own home, so you do not need to travel to a seminar or retreat for this and can have this work done quickly and easily!

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How are the group healing sessions done?
For Ms. Lanning's group healing sessions she will initiate a protection shielding for all of the clients first and then connect in personally with each person's energetic signatures for them to be within the protection and shielding during the healing work. All of the clients who are included in the group healing session will be worked on during this time frame for each of these areas included in the group session. Once all of the healing work has been completed Ms. Lanning will then place an integration detox protection around each person's healing work and disconnect from their energetic signature from the original protection and shielding. It is like getting multiple individual healing sessions on a group level and for a much cheaper price!

What do I do during the group healing session?
The only recommendation Ms. Lanning has for healing work for the client is to not do anything to strenuous during your healing session. You can rest, relax, take a shower, meditate, read a book, etc etc. You can also go about your daily routine if you wish as well. Again she recommends nothing strenuous during this time such as working out at the gym, vigorous dancing, etc etc.

How will I know if it is started or when it is finished?
Ms. Lanning will promptly start the group healing session at the specific time listed for each session below. She begins this meditation of her own to start with the protection and shielding and then connects in with each client for the group. The session will begin and end promptly on time. If you wish to "feel" the energetic connection and healing work during the session so you can "feel" when this begins and ends, Ms. Lanning recommends meditating during this time as well so you body is calm and your mind is clear and you can "feel" the healing session.

Will I receive a report after the session?
A general report will be sent out to everyone who was in the group healing session to let you know what was done during the healing work. If you wish to have an individual healing session with Ms. Lanning and have her work with you one on one for any specific issues you will receive a detailed report after your individual healing work.

How long before one can expect to see results and how long does the healing work last for a person?
Each person is different for their individual issues as to what problems are within their energy fields and these specific patterns that are being worked on. Typical integration of the healing work can be anywhere from 7-60 days depending on the person and these issues. Clients have seen results within a few days while other's are a week or longer. Each person's energy and the issues worked on are different so this is where the variables reside. The healing work and positive energy will hold for the areas here until new issues form. With Ms. Lanning's healing work she also includes a 30 day healing flush to help maintain the energy flow for the person.

Are there any detox issues after a healing session?
With any healing work detox issues can come up for person. Typical detox issues for these are flu like symptoms, feeling tired, old aches and pains coming to the surface, emotional releasements, etc. Typical detox issues can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. With all of Ms. Lanning's healing work she also includes a detox flush for everyone at the end of the healing session to help with these issues as well.

How can I maintain the positive energy flow for these areas?
With all of Ms. Lanning's healing work she includes a 30 day healing flush for each area that was worked on in the group healing session. This is a healing flush every 30 days to help boost the energy flow and flush out any minor issues from the last one. This helps a lot with maintenance for the area.

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