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All of our energy scans are done through a distant energetic connection.An energy scan is a tool to let you know where the problem areas are within your energy fields, to locate the root problem on an energetic level of a specific issue or to locate problem areas here within relationships. Each and every scan is unique and specific for the client's needs. Energy scans can be customized for physical/health, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic issues. 



Energetic Scan - 40 Areas Total - Basic Scan Energetic Scan - Over 130 Areas - Full 
Energetic Scan - Customized For One Issue Energetic Scan - Relationship Connections


All of our scans are very detailed in their own process looking at a variety of your energy patterns and giving you very specific details as to what is going within them to work on your healing. In-depth and informative are the two comments we hear over and over again when receiving a scan from Ms. Lanning. She leaves no stone unturned for her energy scan process! 

All of our energy scan sessions are done through a distant energy connection in a meditative state. This is done through your name and location and scanning on an energetic level for your energetic signature. Once your signature is located a protection is placed around you and Ms. Lanning during the scan session while the scan sessions takes place. All energetic scans come with a complete report that will be sent to you within 24 hours after your energy scan session explaining everything that was detected during  your energetic scan.

Our energy scan sessions do not include a healing session, as they are strictly for the energy scan session itself.  If you wish to have a healing session based on your energetic scan results, feel free to let us know and we can work with you one on one to provide you with all of our healing services to help you heal your concerns in a complete and thorough manner. Check out our individual or customized healings if you already know what type of healing sessions you would like to have or contact us with any questions about your new healing work!