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Energetic Scan - Basic (40 Areas)

Session Length: 2 Hours

Session Price: $199


What is an Energetic Scan? An Energetic Scan is a diagnosis of 40 primary energy patterns within your energy fields as it would look during an energy healing session prior to any work being done. If you can image an X-ray image of your energy fields that can let you know what is going on, where the problems reside, and how they all correspond to each other -you have just visualized what an energetic scan can do!

Why have an Energetic Scan completed? Many people want to know what sessions are best for them to take on an energetic level. Others want to know what will help them with a particular issue in their life that they want to be healed completely and thoroughly. Some just want to see what they really need to work on as there is so much that can be healed and they don't know where to start. An Energetic Scan can help provide you with those answers.

What is scanned during this session? This scan will include these 40 major areas: 7 main chakras, 7 main aura layers, meridian connection points, astral cords, physical-emotional-mental-spiritual grid planes, spiritual entity attachment points, imprinted areas, anchor points, energetic signature, soul fragments, past life connections, basic karma levels, karmic matrix, karmic cords, DNA-RNA-ENA areas, basic cellular pattern, energetic alignment, energetic knots, toxic energy patterns and negativity patterns, spiritual intrusions, spiritual parasites, subconscious levels, true soul patterning,  divine source connections, etheric blueprint layout, abundance patterns, aura attachments, belief patterns, chakra cellular patterns, chakra cords, energetic leakage points, inner child patterns, love meter patterns, negative and positive crystals, past life cellular memory, silver cord of life, seal enforcement areas, basic soul level patterns, termination clock patterns, and emotional armor patterns.

Energetic Scan Sample Report (A full report will include all 40 areas described above):

Abundance Energy Pattern:
For this area you have a total of 4 blockages, 2 imprinted layers and 1 energy leakage point. The blockages are attached to the connection points within the abundance pattern leading into the financial energy pattern flow. This is causing the majority of the backed up energy for this area. The vibrational level for this area is at 35%.

Grid Planes (Physical-Emotional-Mental-Spiritual):
When I scanned the grid plane areas, we are looking at a total of four grid planes that are one on top of each other and connecting in to the others. These planes work individually for their own energy but they also balance each other out for their healing on the grid level.

Physical Grid Plane: this plane level has 3 large blockages, 1 energy anchor and some backed up energy.

Emotional Grid Plane: this plane level has a damaged connection as well connecting in with your emotional balancing levels and this is causing some irregular energy flow between these areas. No blockages, energy anchors or imprinted layers here, so this is good news!

Mental Grid Plane: this plane level has 4 small energy anchors and some dense energy here.

Spiritual Grid Plane: this grid plane has one broken connection point to the soul level and the energy flow is not moving very well for this area, as it is pooling for the grid plane

Spiritual Intrusions:
Spiritual intrusions are blockages that are have created in our spiritual energy by not addressing intense or overwhelming emotions from either issues we are dealing with or from taking these on from others as well. They are also called "spiritual baggage". Within your energy patterns there are a total of five intrusions that I located. I then did another scan to detect any hidden ones and this came back clean. One has been here for a total of 9 months, the second one has been there for 17 months, the third one has been here for 4 years, the fourth one has been there for 7 years, and the fifth one has been here for 19 years.

This session is for an Energetic Scan only, there is no healing involved in this session. You will receive a detailed report of everything that was scanned and all of the issues that are located that need healing, repair, cleansing, etc. If you wish to have this for a specific issue please check into our  Energetic Scan Customized session. This session takes 2 hours to complete.

All of our energy scans are designed to scan the appropriate energetic fields, patterns, layers, and programming to detect all issues that are within these areas. If you have any questions prior to your purchase, or any healing or energy scan questions in general, contact us at support@healingartforms.com. You will receive an introductory email from Ms. Lanning within 24 hours of your purchase to get your energy scan session scheduled in and to start down your new healing pathway in life!