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Customized Healing Session

Session Length: Varies For Each Client

Session Price: Quotes Provided Via Email

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Do you have something you need healed and you cannot find it in our healing sessions list? This is what our customized healings are for! Ms. Lanning customizes the healing session to your own needs for the problem you want to work on. This can be anything physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, circumstances/situations and advanced level healing work as well!

When you think of a customized healing session what imagine does this bring to your mind? Someone who is there to help you whenever you need it for the personal issues you are dealing with, right? You can now have Ms. Lanning's personal healing services customized to fit your needs and issues that you want to work on, as she is there to help you! For these Customized Healing Sessions you can have Ms. Lanning work on whatever issue is bothering you when it is best for you, and you can even have her work healing on multiple areas.

How do you know it is right to have a customized healing session instead of an individual healing session done? Many people who seek out Ms. Lanning's customized healing sessions are working on healing a major issue in your life and they have to work on a deeper level for the healing to provide all of the releasements on all of the energetic levels, not just touch on one or two of them, but rather a complete and thorough healing process. It is about working on the underlying root problem that is causing these issues - be it a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or energetic one.

Customized healing sessions are longer in length and can be anywhere from 8-24 hours to be completed depending on what problems are within one's energy fields to work on. For more involved healing sessions these can even take 2-4 days for healing work. Your session will be top priority and scheduled in for back to back days. These sessions are scheduled in both during the week and weekend time spots as well. Each person's session is going to be different as to how the healing work is done based on the issues that Ms. Lanning will work on for their healing. Customized sessions can be for any issue you would like to work on for your healing to have all problem areas removed and repaired connecting in with this for your energy fields. 

Customized Healing Sessions pricing can range depending on the extent of the issues you need to have worked on for your healing needs. A customized energetic scan is recommended (but not required for all) before having a customized healing session completed so that both you and Ms. Lanning know exactly what healing work will have to transpire for your session. If an energetic scan is purchased prior to the customized healing session, than the fee for the energetic scan will be given as a  discount towards your customized healing session fee. We do understand if you do not wish to have an energetic scan completed before your customized healing, however, Ms. Lanning can only go by the information that you provide within communication to help determine the healing work that is needed, the time that is involved, as well as the fee that will be charged. We highly recommend starting with an in-depth and very detailed energetic scan session so both you and Ms. Lanning will know exactly what you need to work on for your healing needs.

When contacting us about a customized healing session for basic information or when requesting a price quote for a customized healing session please include your name, location, and as much information as possible to help determine your customized healing session price. Contact us directly support@healingartforms.com for more information or your personalized quote for all of your healing needs.