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Clean Slate Healing Session

Session Length: 2 Hours

Session Price: $199


We all have issues in the past that we would like to forget, change, or somehow make amends for in our lifetime. Many people refer to this as starting over from scratch, starting over or wiping the slate clean. This is exactly what you can do with this energetic healing session. Wiping the slate clean is something that can change many different areas of your life, as this can work on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic issues you are dealing with. There is no limit to what this session can do, as it can find problem areas, connections, old patterns, and so on that are tied into this issue you want to start over with and have everything cleared out, all areas healed and you can start off fresh with a positive energy flow for them!

The Clean Slate Healing is one that you can customize for a single issue/problem in your life. Some people have used this session for working on removing more in-depth connections from past relationships. Other have worked on clearing away energetic debris that has been holding them back in their life from previous choices that goes much deeper than karma issues. There is no limit to what you can do with this session as everyone's issues that they need the slate wiped clean for are going to be different. For the Clean Slate Healing it is best to have this only done for one main issue you want to tackle at a time. When this is customized for one specific area, all problems that are tied into this on an energetic level can then be found during the energy scan of your energy fields.

With a Clean Slate Healing session in your life this can remove those connections on a deeper energetic, spiritual, and etheric level. Many have experienced major shifts in their life once this session has been completed, as you literally get a second chance at what you want to accomplish in your life from love, career, finances, health, relationships, and anything along your new life pathway! The scan at the beginning of the healing session will scan all areas of your energy fields to locate all connections for this issue, as there can be blockages, energy anchors, old programming patterns, negative energy patterns, connection to other people or situations and so on. All of them will be scanned and detected and all that are relating to this issue you want to work on will be removed and all areas that they are connected into will also be healed and cleared of all paradigm issues for this.

This is a very unique and customized session that Ms. Lanning has created out of her own life work with different healing modalities to help you advance on your new journey towards your goals. The majority of people can expect to see a change with positive results anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on their integration of their healing work on an energetic level. Each person's energy field is different and will respond differently to the session.  This session takes 2 hours to complete.

All of our healing sessions are designed to work on the appropriate areas of your energy fields for the releasement and healing of each session. Each healing session includes working with a combination of different energy formats to create this type of healing work based on the patterns that are being worked  on. If you have any questions prior to your purchase, or any general healing questions as well, contact us at support@healingartforms.com. You will receive an introductory email from Ms. Lanning within 24 hours of your purchase to get your healing session scheduled in and to start down your new healing pathway in life!