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Cellular Release Healing Session

Session Length: 1 Hour

Session Price: $69


Cellular Release Healing works on the cellular level that helps release all fear and negativity that have been built up from a physical or emotional trauma. This also helps clear any negativity caused by unconscious projections of people that are closest to you, also called energetic dumping, as well as any problem areas here within these levels such as energetic blockages, energy anchors, negative energy patterns connecting in to these levels, etc. There are multiple layers to work on a cellular level, as within the cellular level it is not just about the surface of them but also anything connecting in here, as this is a basic and general Cellular Release Healing session.

Energetic dumping is something that many people do subconsciously throughout their entire lifetime. This is not done consciously, but rather subconsciously throughout any given time in their life, but is generally brought about during issues stated above. Many people do not even realize that energetic dumping is going on within their cellular and energetic levels. Energetic dumping can be dealing with physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual issues at this level. These issues can be corrected, removed, repaired, healed, and brought back to a high vibrational frequency state for your energy fields to process for this area.

When working with Cellular Release Healing, it is important to allow all of the cellular issues that you are carrying around at this current time to be released. Each person's session is going to be different based on the issues that are currently residing in their cellular level. Because of this every person's healing session, integration, and response to this healing work will be different. The process is the same but how we respond is the key to our growth on a healing pathway. For problem areas within this level, releasements can come through in a variety of ways from emotional releasements, boosts in energy as well as a variety of detox issues, as this is the basic cellular level that is being worked on.

Cellular Release Healing is something that removes all of these issues on an energetic level for you. Once this is completed the negative energy attributes here are gone and these can then be replaced a high vibrational cellular energy healing to balance the energy pattern for this area. Once this is completed the energy can move freely for the area. To create a high vibrational free flowing pattern for all of your cellular levels you can also combine this session with our Past Life Cellular Memory and Chakra Cellular Memory  sessions to be worked on.This session takes 1 hour to complete.

All of our healing sessions are designed to work on the appropriate areas of your energy fields for the releasement and healing of each session. Each healing session includes working with a combination of different energy formats to create this type of healing work based on the patterns that are being worked  on. If you have any questions prior to your purchase, or any general healing questions as well, contact us at support@healingartforms.com. You will receive an introductory email from Ms. Lanning within 24 hours of your purchase to get your healing session scheduled in and to start down your new healing pathway in life!