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Healing Made Easy! Healing 101 is all about you learning as much as you can to get started on your own healing pathway in life. It doesn't matter if you are wanting to heal physical issues or emotional, mental, spiritual or energetic ones as Ms. Nicole Lanning explains it all for you. From all of the problems that can happen within one's energy fields to their symptoms and multiple healing methods you can start with from the moment you finish reading. She has shared with you her knowledge and experience in her healing sessions, seminars and it is now available in her Healing 101 book. Practical information for the every day person to heal issues in their life. Plain and simple it's healing made easy! Get your own copy today on Amazon.

Healing U, a practical guidebook, walks you step-by-step through all areas of your life for a complete healing process within your mind, body, and spirit connections. Starting at the very beginning, Nicole Lanning walks you through the healing process with informative topics such as: How Does It Work, Religion vs Spirituality, Tools of the Trade, Mental Healing, Emotional Healing, Physical Healing, Spiritual Healing, Underlying Causes, Intuition, Scanning, Maintenance, and much more. You have the ability from within and Lanning can show you how to get there, so why not get a jump-start on healing all areas of your life today. Get your own copy today on Amazon.

Practical Crystal Healing 555 Tips & Techniques For Teenagers is a fun and easy step by step guidebook just for teens today and the issues they deal with. Tips range from abandonment issues through yin/yang energy balancing and everything in-between, including acne problems, puberty issues, heartbreak and much more. Crystal healing tips are easy to find and read and all of them are in alphabetical order. You can simply find the issue you want to work on for your teen and get started with some easy crystal healing methods. Simple and practical tips so you can work at home with your own healing methods. Get your own copy today on Amazon.

Practical Crystal Healing 555 Tips & Techniques For Animal Companions is a comprehensive book on working with crystal healing as an alternative therapy for the pets and animals in our lives. This book walks you, beginner through advanced practitioners alike, step by step through a variety of areas concerning crystal healing from animal basics to advanced work for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues concerning your animal companions. Easy ways to work with healing for animals as they cannot always tell us what they are feeling or need. You can get started with your own crystal healing for your pets and easy methods to clean your crystals and start helping them balance their own energy fields. Get your own copy today on Amazon.

Practical Crystal Healing, 555 Tips &Techniques encompasses the author?s real life healing practices. Nicole Lanning, has personally cured common ailments and conditions using her own crystal healing practice and studies. Even more difficult issues can be tackled and cured with crystal healing, such as Nicole's own issue with Fibromyalgia, her son's smashed thumb, and her husband's tumor in his neck along with simply and easy methods on how to clean and program your crystals so you know their energy to helping to balance out what you need. 555 tips is a lot of information and some of the more popular topics covered are dealing with money and abundance, love and soulmate issues along with abandonment issues to yin/yang balance and everything in-between. Get your own copy today on Amazon.