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How To Manifest Things Into Your Life

Posted by Nicole Lanning on January 8, 2018 at 8:40 AM

Manifesting anything into your life is something more and more people are becoming aware of now-a-days. It is not anything new or special and the law of attraction and the energy we put out has been there for our entire lifetime, as just some people are not becoming aware of this and waking up a bit more to the energy that can unfold for them. So the big question everyone wants to know is how to manifest things into their life. I have read time and time again emails on this topic and have been asked this over and over again in seminars and events. So let explain more here for you on this "secret" formula - HINT: It's not really secret!!

Ok, so for manifesting anything into our lives the very first thing we have to be is very clear about what we want. You would be surprised as to see how many people don't really know what they want. You have to do some digging here (maybe) but it is really simple, as what makes you happy or do you want more of. This is where alot of people get hung up, as they either go after what they think they shoudl have insead of what they really want or what someone else tells them to do. I am explaining to everyone here, go after what makes you happy and you want more of. Don't listen to other people, as they are not living your life, you are! Don't over complicate things, don't try to be like everyone else, just simply find what makes you have or something you want more of and go with it.

The next step is to ask for this. Yep you got it. If you don't ask, then how is the Universe going to know what you want it to bring in. This is a simple but very effective step here for everyone, so remember to ask! And then focus and visualize on this. Stay on topic of what you want. It is very easy to get off topic and see the lack of it. For example, maybe you want a true love to come in but all you can see if your friends happy with their spouses or boyfriends and girlfriends and you are still waiting. This is you seeing the lack of this in your life. You want to focus on the positive of this in your life and visualize this and let it go so the Universe can bring this in. How do you do this? By being happy and appreciative and being happy for your friends and their relationships. Your's will come in soon too.

Then all you have to do is keep focusing, bring your positive energy up and allow for the vibrational levels to match. Sound easy huh? Well in basic English, clear up your energy while you are waiting for this to come in. You are staying focused right? You know what you want right? You are staying positive and you asked the Universe right? You let it go so the Universe can bring this in right? Ok so now clear up your energy. Make sure you don't have any energy blockages or energy anchors in the pathway for this. Clear out the appropriate areas of your energy fields for each one. Using the example above of finding a true love, you want to work on the love areas of your energy fields and make them as high and vibrant as possible.

What do you do after this? Stay focused and simply allow. I know easier said than done, but if you get quiet, and I do mean quiet, this is when it happens. You do not have to meditate as some people overthink even meditating, but simply get quiet and allow yourself to be. When you do you are allowing all of the positive things to come in much easier into your life!

Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Contact us today if you have any questions on how to manifest things into your life or if you have any questions about any healing work.

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