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Feeling Stuck Or Like You Keep Repeating A Pattern

Posted by Nicole Lanning on July 14, 2019 at 8:35 AM

When you are feeling stuck or like you keep repeating your pattern you are either being held back by some cycle patterns or paradigm patterns. These are when you do something, you get so far and then something happens and you keep going round and round or when you do something and you get so far and can't go any further. This happens to a lot of people A LOT of the time. We don't realize how much we put out there for our energy in the positive and negative and we create our own cycle patterns and paradigm patterns doing this.

Cycle patterns are similar to a loop pattern, however these have a starting and ending point that more then often connects back over the other one overlapping here. This is what is causing the cycle to form. These are created when we start this issue and then loop back to the beginning. It only takes doing this one time to then keep repeating this over and over again. Cycle patterns can go on for months and years within someones life and they can be dealing with any issue as well from physical health, weight loss, relationships, career or job changes, and so on.

Paradigm patterns typically do not loop or cycle back around, as these are dealing with issues when you are feeling stuck. It feels like you just can't go any further or when you do you run into brick walls. Now running into brick walls can sometimes also mean that you are supposed to be going on a different path or trying a different thing, as this is why I refer to this as being stuck more than anything (however I have had some clients refer to this has hitting a brick wall instead from their paradigm patterns so this is why I am including both references here for everyone). Paradigm patterns hold back the energy flow and can cause these issues here with no movement forward.

So what can be done about them? It is best to have these removed from your energy fields so that your energy can be clear here. Removing them with an energy healing method is best. Working with prayer healing is also another good form, as this can take a bit longer for the process to complete (anywhere from a few months or longer with prayer healing) but it is just as effective. Meditation healing can also help with this if you are working with either your guides or trusted advisors. The best form to remove these quickly and safely is with an energy healing method from a practitioner who knows how to scan and locate these, knows how to remove them properly and can repair any restriction as well for the areas.


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Are you feeling stuck or like you keeping repeating a pattern? Contact us today with any questions you may have!

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