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Manifesting Made Easy

Posted by Nicole Lanning on July 12, 2019 at 8:55 AM

I have been asked a lot lately on how to manifest things as many people have tried different methods only to come up with problems and not seeing any progress or results. Manifesting made easy is something everyone can do and honestly it really is an easy progress to do. It is a combination of things I am going to share with you in this blog posting today, and if you really read/listen to the advice and not over complicate it you can start manifesting things into your life on all levels.

Ok let me break this down for you into simple areas so you don't over complicate it, as there are a lot of things out there saying do this or do that or follow this routine and it can make it complicated or be confusing which leads into frustration too! No one can manifest when they are frustrated! No one! So we need to be relaxed and happy right? Well how can you be relaxed and happy when you are not seeing progress and want to beat your head into a wall? There is a way to fix it and it doesn't take long, but again you need to not over complicate things and just make it nice and easy and simple.


First thing is first. You need to know what you want. I know it sounds simple, but it's true. Many people think they know what they want but in short they really don't as they are going after something they think that they should have, something someone else has told them to do or have or are trying to keep up with the Jones and going after these things. Or the other end is they know what they want but they are afraid to let go of something else to get it. For example, let's say you want a new career, but you are afraid you won't get it so you hold onto the one you have and keep complaining about it but are still frustrated and mad you don't have the new one. You are bouncing back and forth. You have to know what you want and make a decision to have it. It really is that simple. It is a strong manifested thought pattern is what it is, so don't over complicate it more than that.

The second thing is to focus on what you want in your life. Many people focus on the negative of them not having it or the fear of them not getting it because they haven't seen it yet in their life and they let this have a hold of them. This is from issues within the subconscious matrix, programming patterns and other areas of their energy fields. They keep going back to this over and over again here. They say I don't see it so I don't have it but I want it but I haven't gotten it and over and over again. Not only is this giving confusing messages to the Universe, but it is also messing up the energy flow for their energy patterns causing blockages, barriers, cycle patterns, etc. So what do you do about it. You get your energy clear! You clear out all of the blockages, barriers, cycle patterns, imprinted layers, etc anything that is connected in with this and have it removed and then you simply enhance the areas of your energy that deal with not only attraction for your energy flow but also for the issue you want to manifest. For example, let's use the career one again, you clear out all of the problem areas here that you have created in the past and then open up all of the areas for this to flood in such as the attraction opportunity pattern, energetic alignment (dealing with the career plane), relationship cords (dealing with new relationships for the career) and so on.


Once your know what you want, you have cleared the pathways here, you simply have to focus then. Focus on what? The end goal. Not something on the pathway towards this, but the end end goal. Let's say you want that new career we were talking about. You don't want to see yourself looking through the help wanted ads. You want to see yourself in the new office at your new career. Another picture would be seeing yourself being hired into the company for the salary you wanted. It is about finding the picture that you can focus on that works for you, not for someone else. When the goal and picture are right it will click and that's it. You don't have to over think it, over stress about it or anything. You simply have to focus and believe. Do this once a day in the morning before you start off your day and allow it to manifest!


The one BIG way to know something is wrong is how you are feeling. If you are struggling with this and you keep going over and over this, changing your picture, not feeling happy about it or doubting something is wrong. It could be the goal itself, it could be the energy flow or it could be your picture, but something is off. When you are feeling like this don't force it, as you know something is off and then people say they can't manifest. Yes they can, as they simply have to know what they want, get their energy clear and focus and allow for this to come in. When you know what it is, you get your energy clear and you focus and everything is right things happen so quickly almost like magic!


If you are struggling with manifesting, just take some time to go through these steps here and see what you need to tweak or you need help with anything feel free to contact us via email and ask questions and we can help answer any of them you have to get you moving in the right direction for your own goals!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work on manifesting made easy in your own life or contact us with questions or ways to get your energy clear for your own manifestation work!

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