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Healing For Love, Soul Mates, Relationships and Marriage

Posted by Nicole Lanning on June 22, 2019 at 9:40 AM

When you are working on healing for love in your life there are a lot of different places within one's energy fields that these can reside, as it is not just one love area or one love general healing works for everyone. Many people think what is wrong with me I haven't found my soul mate or love of my life and they were abused physically, mentally or emotionally and are dealing with problems either in finding the right love or are dealing with issues in their relationships.

Today I have some wonderful tools for you all to use in the comfort of your own home to get started on the love healing work in your life. These are tools for boosting love, helping with soul mate energy, relationship general healing boost as well as a marriage healing boost. There are so many different things you can work with for your healing for any of these four topics that I could write a lot of different posts and blogs for them all, however I am trying to condense as much information into one here for you to get you started. Here are the topics I will cover for each of these: Crystal Healing, Energy Healing, Meditation Healing, Affirmation Healing and Prayer Healing. There are many others you can work with too, as again I could write a lot of posts on them all, however these are the ones that many people can do right now after they have finished reading the posting to get started! So let's begin!

General Love Healing:

Crystal Healing: For healing work for general love interests you can work with a Rose Quartz and Peridot for this. These two not only help with love issues and positive love energy but they also balance out the emotional side of your energy flow for your heart and higher heart chakra points.

Energy Healing: When working on love healing you want to work on the main areas first here which would be the love pattern, love meter pattern (to be reset and cleared), self love pattern, energetic alignment and relationship cords. From there it all depends on the person and their energy issues. Other areas to check are the aura layers, heart chakra, higher heart chakra, emotional balance pattern, emotional armor pattern, etc.

Meditation Healing: To work on general love healing in meditation you can do this by first going into your meditative state here and then focusing on your past relationships (briefly as you don't want your main focus on this for too long) and allow the releasements and shifts to come through, see the issues from an outside person, make changes where they need to be and then see the happy and loving relationships coming into your life.

Affirmation Healing: I am love. I am loved by myself. I am loved by others. I express love in all areas of my life.

Prayer Healing: "I pray (meditate) and ask the Universe (Divine Spirit/God) to help me heal my love energy issues with (fill in the blank). Please help remove any problem areas and damaged issues, please refill my energy fields with positive flowing love energy as I am open to healing these issues. I acknowledge and take responsibility for everything that I express outward and focus on inward and understand that these problems can manifest, so will strive to hold a positive mindset in all areas of my life. I thank you for all of the positive love energy and am open to receiving this now and in the future."

General Soul Mate Healing:

Crystal Healing: For crystal healing here for your soul mate you can work with Malachite first to prepare for this new energy or also work with a Twin Soul Quartz. These are very special crystals that help for soul mate healing work!

Energy Healing: For energy healing with soul mate work there are a few different areas to work on, as it is not just about the soul mate pattern for your energy fields. Yes this is one big place to start, however if you are having problems within your love pattern, love meter, energetic alignment and so on these can cause problems for the soul mate pattern and connections here, so make sure to check not just this area but also all of your major and minor connections to them.

Meditation Healing: For meditation work for your soul mate you want to see your soul mate as a person who is giving you the love you want in your life. Don't see a specific person in your meditation if you do not 100% know they are definitely your soul mate, as you want to draw your true soul mate in to your energy.

Affirmation Healing: My soul mate and I are lovingly connected. I am in a positive and living relationship with my soul mate.

Prayer Healing: See prayer above for love issues and simply substitute in soul mate for love energy, or include them both for both areas of your life.


General Relationship Healing:

Crystal Healing: For general healing for relationships with crystals I would recommend using a Rose Quartz and Moonstone here to help balance out a lot of energy flow for your ideal relationship energy.

Energy Healing: For relationship energy healing work it is about the relationship cords with a person first to make sure your positive energy flow is here for your energy exchange with them. However this is not the only place to look, as you want to also check astral cords, karmic cords, chakra cords, love pattern, energetic alignment (as this has our relationship level here) and open connections as the relationship cords and open connections are two of the biggest open areas of energy flow for one's energy fields.

Meditation Healing: You want to see yourself in loving relationships with everyone. Relationship work is about relationships in general. If you are focusing on a specific relationship, then you want to see your relationship with this person getting better and make sure to check your cords and connections with them!

Affirmation Healing: I have positive, healthy and loving relationships. My relationship with (fill in person's name) is a healthy one for both of us involved.

Prayer Healing: See prayer above for love issues and simply substitute in relationship healing for love energy, or include them both for both areas of your life.


General Marriage Healing:

Crystal Healing: For marriage work with crystal healing I would suggest using a Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli and possibly a Smoky Quartz to balance all energy flow here for love energy, clearing negative energy and open communication as well.

Energy Healing: For marriage healing this is when you want to make sure you get all areas for your energy fields as well as the person you are married to and all of your connections. When you are connected in with cordings, open connections and connections at energy patterns as well it is about finding all of them, making sure they are all positive for their energy flow and removing any problem areas. It is not just about one person or their energy, as a marriage takes two people and you need to check both of your connections here to see what you may be exchanging with each other for your energy flow.

Meditation Healing: When working in meditation for healing of a marriage or for a marriage, you want to see yourself and your partner here in a loving, stable and long term relationship with just each other. One that is equal and giving, caring, supportive, loving and both people are happy with the two of you growing together.

Affirmation Healing: My marriage is a healthy and loving, stable relationship. I am happily married to a loving, caring, supportive and stable person.

Prayer Healing: See prayer above for love issues and simply substitute in marriage healing for love energy, or include them both for both areas of your life.


I hope this helps explain a bit more about love healing energy and how to get started on love healing, soul mate healing, relationship healing and marriage healing for everyone here. If you have any questions about any of these topics here feel free to contact us via email and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms,an online distant healing center. Contact us today if you need any recommendations for any sexual energy healing issue.

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