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Angel Numbers and Other Angel Signs

Posted by Nicole Lanning on August 28, 2018 at 7:40 AM

Angels are always around in our life and they are always trying to communicate and give us signs to guide us in different ways. Maybe you have been asking for a sign from your angels but you are not sure if what you are seeing is a clear sign. Angel numbers (repeating numbers) are one of the biggest signs from our angels here in our lifetime, however there are many others as well that we overlook. It is about paying attention to all of the signs and giving thanks for their help along our pathway. Let me explain a few of the biggest signs that come to us from our angels and how easy it is to understand them from angel feathers, coins, sparks of light, songs and yes angel numbers are listed at the end too!

Angel feathers are a big one. Have you ever been outside and just seen a feather out of no where? The angels have guided this for you to see. Different feathers have different meanings as well. White feathers mean spirituality and hope, black feathers mean protection and repelling negative energy, red feathers mean good fortune, blue feathers mean peace, green feathers mean health and healing, grey feathers mean peace and brown feathers mean endurance and grounding.

Coins are another big sign from one's angels. They are not just dropped loose change from someone's pocket or hand. These are signs from your angels that were placed right in your very own pathway. When you see coins pay attention to the coin itself. Is is old or is it bright and shiny new? What type of coin is it? What is the date that is on this coin? Is this or any significance?

Sparks of light or orbs are a big key sign for your angels, as they are near and trying to communicate with you. Do you see sparks of light for no reason? This is an angel around you trying to get your attention. Where was the spark of light at? Do you see orbs around you or in pictures around you? This is another sign. Pay attention in pictures or where the orbs tend to be, as brighter orbs are angels around your energy fields.


Familiar songs playing on the radio are another way angels like to get one's attention. What does the song mean to you? Does this bring up feelings of happiness, love, memories of a loved one or are there hidden messages in the song lyrics here for you. Pay attention to everything.


Number signs are, of course, another big one for many. Here is a list of the angel numbers and their meanings below for all individual numbers. If you are seeing a combination of numbers such as 1212 or 1010, you simply combine the meanings for both numbers together. If you see more number than another such as 818 or 808 you still combine the meanings for both numbers, however you simply place more emphasis on the number 8 more as this is repeated here twice.


111: The number one is working with the positive energy for manifestation in your life. When you see the numbers 111 or 1111 this is a sign to take a moment and think of all the positive things you want to have in your life as the manifestation energies are aligned.


222: The number two is all about faith and having belief in our lifetime and for the goals we are working on. This is a positive sign of re-assurance that you may need to keep going and boost the energy flow for your goal.


333: The number three is dealing with decisions and the ascended masters who are here to help you in your life. If you need to make a decision, now is the time to do so as you are being supported by all of this positive energy.


444: The number four is all about the angelic realm and the positive energy surrounding you at this very moment. The angels are saying we are giving you love and support so it is OK to let go and know everything is going to be OK.


555: The number five is all about change. Change, change and more change is coming. This is not negative or positive, but simply to let you know that a major change is coming up so stay grounded and look for the positive in this.


666: The number six is all about the material work. This is a sign to let go and relax and know that your spiritual pathway is unfolding.


777: The number seven is a great sign to see from your angels, as this is re-enforcing your positive manifestation energy here for the issues or goals you are working on in your life.


888: The number eight is called an infinity symbol and this is all about completion and new beginnings. Cycles will be ending and new doors will be opening here for you soon.


999: The number nine is a boost in our energy to remind us to stay strong in our belief's and faith, as when change comes we react and we need to allow the energy to flow here instead.


000: The number zero is letting you know that your energy is one with the Universe/Divine Spirit. This is a good and positive sign to see for one's life.

Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with your own angel numbers and other angel signs or contact us today for an angelic healing session.

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