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Energy Problems and Healing

Posted by Nicole Lanning on April 16, 2018 at 8:50 AM

I have been asked many times over what different issues are that can be found within one's energy fields and what types of problems they cause, where they are located, how to work on them and what a person can do at home to help these issues. I have written many blogs on different topics and have explained this here in this blog posting as well for everyone who wants to get started or doesn't really know where to start. Let's get right in to it!

We are all made up of energy. Simple enough, right? But how do we work on this energy, how can you find problems or what to do about them? Let's first start by saying that your energy fields consist of more than your chakras and auras. These are two main energy areas of one's energy fields, however you are made up of much much more than just these two areas. Many practitioners start out learning about these and stop there thinking all of the energy flow resides here. These again are only two main areas. We have so many more energy patterns that interconnect with our main energy centers and how the energy flows to make up our complete energy system.

Think of it this way, we have all been driving on some smaller streets and side streets and these can lead into main surface roads and these can lead to highways and interstates, right? Now think of your energy fields this way. We all have patterns that connect with each other leading to and fro and connecting back and forth for the energy to flow. This is what our energy fields look like and make up who we are. Now each pattern is a different energy flow and how they flow into one another. For example you typically do not see a side street flowing into an interstate. These energy patterns build and build and build and are connected together for their energy flow. For example you have your chakra points, correct? Let's start with a simply one, your root chakra controls issues with survival, money, etc. Did you know you also have chakra cords coming from this chakra point? Did you also know this is connected into your financial energy pattern? These are just two simple and basic areas connecting in here and there are many more and for each and every areas of your energy fields. That's a lot of energy patterns and current that you need to maintain.


Ok, now onto problems. There are many different problems that can be caused for any one particular energy pattern from blockages, energy anchors, energetic barriers, imprinted layers, old programming patterns, negative energy patterns, toxic energy patterns, releasements, attachments and on and on. I could sit here and list a large amount of them but simply reading their names doesn't do anything for you or help you in anyway. It is about understanding each one and knowing what causes them, what they feel like, what they do for the energy patterns, etc helps. Let's start with a simple one for everybody. Blockages! Blockages are something within a particular energy pattern causing the energy flow to be slowed down or not flowing at all. Makes sense, right? But what causes them? How do they get there? Why do we get them and what do they feel like?


Blockages are typically caused by a building of energetic debris for a particular energy pattern or they are an energy blockage being placed there by one's subconscious or another person placing them there. Energetic debris can form into floaters which are like blockages that can simply float through the energy patterns until they anchor into a particular area. For a blockage in one particular energy pattern it is generally feeling as if something is blocking your direction or energy flow in that particular part of your life. For example let's say you have been looking for your soul mate for a long time. Every time you start searching again you feel this block in your way. You eventually find a person, date them for a certain period of time only to find out you two are not meant to be together and then the hunt starts all over again. You start looking again and again you feel this being blocked here but you ignore the issue and find a new person, date them, see that you are not meant to be and again here it goes. What you have to do is notice the "block"! This could also be a cycle pattern connected in with your soul mate pattern here, as notice how you are cycling through the same issue. This is all about understanding the energy flow for your energy fields and knowing the problems here so you can work on them.

So what do you do then once you figure out what issues are there to work on? You start your healing work. Healing work is something that you have to find personal for what works for you. Some people prefer energy healing work, others prefer prayer healing work, others prefer sound healing work and so on. It is about seeing what you like to do to help your own energy fields and healing these issues. With healing work you can try many things to work on and you can even use a combination of them for example, using energy healing to remove the problems from within your energy fields and affirmation healing to shift your mindset and crystal healing for a vibrational energy boost. It is about working on the problems as a whole to balance all of the areas for your healing work.


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. See where the energy problems and healing work can change your life and for more information check out Healing 101 or contact Ms. Lanning personally via email.

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