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Can Healing Work Help Me With Marriage

Posted by Nicole Lanning on January 8, 2018 at 8:25 AM

Many people have been asking about relationship work with marriage in mind or they are having problems within their marriage. The basic answer for either one of these issues is yes. When people are having issues in their marriage or are wanting to get married and there are problems there this means there is resistance within the energy connections for the people involved.

We all have open connections with one another, as we have two main areas of energy exchange between any given two people. One of them is our relationship cords and the second one is our open connections. Typically our open connections are something that has much more of an energy pull for our energy fields with people in our life. Relationship cords are very common and many people have heard about them before, however many overlook our open connections that we share so this energy exchange is still here and very much active.

When working on any kind of marriage or relationship issue in one's life it is about finding all of the areas that these two people are connected and where the problems reside. Are they within the relationship cords? Are they within their open connections? Or are they deeper within the energy patterns for each person and the connections are simply sharing this negative energy exchange between the two of them. These are the main components you want to check into for these issues.

So what does this mean in basic terms? That once you find the problem, you can work on this for the solution. You clear out the problems here between the two people, correct the energy flow and allow for the positive energy to move between each person. This enhances their relationship with each other in all positive ways for their energy and connections. Marriage (whether you are currently married or wanting to get married to your loved one) is something that can be helped by eliminating these negative issues and allowing for positive energy to move for the people who are in love with each other!

Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. If you are have any questions about can healing work help me with marriage feel free to contact us via email today!

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