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5 Biggest Law Of Attraction Mistakes And What You Can Do About Them

Posted by Nicole Lanning on June 7, 2017 at 8:35 AM

The Law of Attraction is not something new and there is so much information on it out there, but why is it all so confusing? If it's simple than why so many variations? I am thinking positively but nothing is happening. Why? What am I doing wrong? Thought any of those questions before? Well I am here to make it very simple, clear cut and easy for you to do so you can see what you may be doing wrong.

When working with the Law of Attraction, it is a Universal Law, which means this is going to respond to every single person here in the exact same way. There are no favoritism, no extra thing you have to do, etc. It is a law that will respond the same way each and every single time to each person. So you are thinking, well if that's true, what the heck am I doing wrong here if this or that person can do it and I can't. There are some common things many people do and don't even realize it when working with the Law of Attraction, so let's just jump right in.

#1: Know What You Want! The first thing when you are wanting to focus on something in your life is to know what it is. One of the biggest mistakes is simply not knowing what you may want, as you may try to go after something but is it something you really want. The biggest problem with this is for people who try to go after money and finances. Now true yes we need money to pay for things in our lifetime, however if you are wanting to win the lottery, why is that? Is it because you really want to win the lottery because you love this idea so much, the actual winning of the lottery? Or is it because you want the money from it? Or is it because you want the money to spend on this or that? You have to break this down. Maybe you want the money to travel for example, than that is your goal - to travel, not the money. Maybe it's because you want to buy a house - than that is your goal - to buy a house. Focus on what you REALLY want!

#2: Think Positive, Not Negative! This is the second major stumbling block for people when people are working with the Law of Attraction. They figure out what they want, but instead of focusing on what they want, they focus on what they don't want. Let's use the example from above about wanting to buy a house. The person knows they want to buy a house, but all they talk about all day is that they are unhappy being in their apartment. They complain about the noisy neighbors, the flights of stairs they have to walk up, the sharing of the laundry facilities, etc etc. They know they want to buy a house, but they spend the majority of their time and energy talking and thinking and expressing the negative of what they don't want. The Universe will respond and always does. You give your time, thoughts and energy into all of the negatives about an apartment you continue to get. Turn that around into thinking about your dream home, how quiet it will be, how nice the neighbors are, all of the yard space, etc.

#3: Let It Go! This is another major stumbling block for many, as when you want to get a goal, some get very obsessed with this. This is all that they think about. Now you are probably thinking, Nicole you just told me to think about what I want, now you are telling me not to. Yes to a certain extent. You have to know what you want (#1) and focus on this in a positive manner (#2) but when you know and focus, then you have to let go. This does not mean to not care about it, as it is something that you want, but the harder you hold onto this and the tighter this gets, the harder it is for this to come in. You will start to build resistance to this if you don't let it go and TRUST that the Universe will provide. When you start to build resistance this is when you will start to question, is it coming in? When is is coming in? Am I doing this right? You have to simply just let it go and have faith, trust and believe!

#4 Be Open To Receiving! This is a big one for many, as I told you these were the mistakes people were making when working with the Law of Attraction. Many people forget this one, as you have to be open to receiving and allowing these wonderful gifts to be in our lives. One big thing that can help is to clear part of your energy fields. The main ones for this are your subconscious matrix, resistance pattern (as many people build resistance with #3), attraction energy flow and by removing blockages. We create a lot of these ourselves within our energy fields without even knowing about them. Being open to receiving is all about simply that, you clear the way and be open to allow this to come in. If you are not open to this, the perfect goal (whether it be a house, travel plans, new car, new career, new love relationship, etc) can be literally sitting in front of you but you won't see it as you are not open to receiving it yet. Put your mind, body and energy into the positive energy flow of receiving!

#5 Be Grateful! This is the fifth and by far the biggest mistake many people make. When you are not grateful in your life, for all of the things that you have, you have a real struggle drawing in new positive things for this to unfold. You may want the new house as we talked about above, but are you grateful for where you live? Well if you are thinking like most you are probably going I really dislike where I live that's why I want a house. Ok I will give you that one, HOWEVER there are plenty of other things you can be grateful for in your life. What about your family? Friends? Career/Job? Hobbies? The list can go on and on. It is about being grateful for all of the things you have in your life. When you hold this vibration things start to move so much quicker for one's energy flow and you will be amazed at how things can turn around!

Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. If you have any questions about any of the material here for our blog posting on 5 Biggest Law Of Attraction Mistakes And What You Can Do About Them or would like healing work to clear blockages, resistance or open up energy flow feel free to contact us via email!

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