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Money Drawing Feng Shui Tips

Posted by Nicole Lanning on November 23, 2016 at 2:20 PM


When working on a financial goal in your life one can always use an extra boost of energy flow. Here are some of the fun Feng Shui tips to help with financial goals in your life. They are very simple and effective and easy to add into your home energy flow. Money drawing feng shui tips can also be done for a business area or home office as well.


#1: Place a wind chime outside your front door. This will help bring in positive energy flow for your area as well as dissipate negative energy. Work on one for the bagua map of your area as you can find ones hat are metal, bamboo or anything that works for your environment.


#2: Place a water fountain near your front entrance of your home or office. You only want to have one here, as you do not want to place on one the outside and one on the inside. Outside ones should be large in size for like an attraction area or garden. Inside ones can be small and personalized for your taste and home decor.


#3: Place things that remind you of prosperity and abundance in your home's entry way. There are many many many different kinds you can work with, as there is no right or wrong one to place here. One thing to follow is your own intuition. If someone says place Citrine here and you don't like Citrine but place it here anyways this will not help you. Things that remind you of prosperity and abundance such as Money Tree, Three Legged Frog, Water Fountains, Gold Bars, Chinese Coins, Elephant Statue, Koi Pictures and so on. These do not have to be Feng Shui oriented, as these are just suggestions. Let your intuition and creative side flow with this one!


#4. Place things of similar nature in your wealth area of your home as well. These do not have to be the exact same things as you placed in your home's entry way, so be creative with your decor.


#5: Keep your home clutter free and clean. You want good positive and free flowing energy here to draw more in for this and surround the positive money drawing aspects you have in your home.


#6: Have a home clearing session done of the energy in your location where your home resides. On the Earth's grid lines there could be negative hot spots, portals or other issues for the area so make sure to have this cleared as well.


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with our money drawing feng shui tips for your home or office or contact us for a home/office cleansing blessing session today!


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