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Crystal Healing For Abandonment Issues

Posted by Nicole Lanning on January 7, 2010 at 8:03 AM

If you are working on abandonment issues in your life, whether they are from a past relationship or a current one, they can be hard to handle. This can cause energetic issues, astral cords that need to be tended to, as well as emotional issues at hand. All of this can cause major disturbances in your life, not to mention trying to work through them.



I am here to let you know there is help, and you can work on them from the comfort of your home with energy and crystal healing. This is something anyone can learn to do and use in his or her life, no matter what the issue is they are dealing with. Energy and crystal healing are helpful in all sorts of matters.



For abandonment issues, you want to make sure you have a Rhodonite crystal for this issue. You can find these at almost any crystal shop or even online. You want to make sure you either get a loose crystal or you get one made into a pendant, as this is the easiest way to use for this particular issue.


Abandonment can cause energetic debris to gather around your heart chakra as well as on your aura layers. You want to make sure you wear this in a pendant as close as you can to your heart chakra for at least 5 days in a row to ease the emotional trauma and burden that abandonment issues can cause.



For other ways of working through these issues, you can also use energy healing, such as Reiki, and charge the pendant to hold a healing energy for this issue. Make sure you program the crystal for this when wearing it. If you are not attuned to Reiki, you can also have a friend/family member do this for you. Just make sure they ask for the programming for your abandonment issues when charging the crystal.



Many Blessings

and Love and Light

Nicole Lanning


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