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Spiritual Communication Enhancement Healing

Session Length: 2 Hours

Session Price: $199



Have you ever wanted to communicate with the other side? Speak or receive messages from loved ones who have crossed over to the other side? How about develop and strengthen your connection with your angels and receive clear messages from them? Our Spiritual Communication Enhancement Healing is exactly what it sounds like. There are so many people out there in the world wanting to have a better and stronger connection and communication link with the spirit world. This is shown in many ways, as everyone has a different idea of what they want to have work for them.



Everyone has spiritual communication connections within their energy fields, however many of them are closed, blocked or simply not flowing with positive energy to enhance this area of their life. For this Spiritual Communication Healing session it is a complex healing designed by Ms. Nicole Lanning to work on a variety of connection and communication points that we have within our energy fields and in our daily life and strengthening and combining them with the communication links that the spirit world uses with us. This session is an advanced healing session and is for those who have a strong desire to work and communicate with the spirit world.



What can this session help with in your physical life? Intuition. Clairvoyance. Telepathy. Mediumship. Angel Communication. Higher Self Communication. Birth Guide Communication. Receiving messages from spirit in a clear and concise manner. Understanding and comprehending these new messages. Communicating with loved ones who have crossed over. Stronger communication with God or Divine Spirit. Communication with the Earth, animals, and other living things.  This session is not limited to just these areas, as these are just some of the major areas that our clients have had success in.



Spiritual communication is something to be taken seriously as a new step in your enlightenment pathway in life. With the new energies that flow through your energetic fields come the abilities with them. These will start off slow and will progress through your energy fields over a few weeks time frame for full integration. This session is not a quick fix for spiritual communication in your life. You will still need to practice connecting in with the spiritual realm, allowing the messages to come through and interpreting them as they do. The Spiritual Communication Enhancement Healing is one to clear any problem areas, open up all of the channels and increase the vibrational level for you to be at your best for this type of work in your life!



Everyone's energy fields are different and their integration for this session will vary as well. Included with the healing session is also a 30 day healing flush to help maintain the positive energy flow for these areas as well as a detox integration protection around all of the healing work for each person. Each person's results are going to be different based on their energy, how their energetic fields integrate the energy, and what their strong suits are for their communication links. This session takes 2 hours to complete.



All of our healing sessions are designed to work on the appropriate areas of your energy fields for the releasement and healing of each session. Each healing session includes working with a combination of different energy formats to create this type of healing work based on the patterns that are being worked  on. If you have any questions prior to your purchase, or any general healing questions as well, contact us at [email protected] You will receive an introductory email from Ms. Lanning within 24 hours of your purchase to get your healing session scheduled in and to start down your new healing pathway in life! 





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