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April 2017 Newsletter

Happy April Everyone! This month is going to be SO exciting. We have a major energy shift coming in for abundance energy flow, an energy boost shift plus we have a Mercury Retrograde starting this month as well. So A LOT of change on the horizon. Remember with changes and shifts, you want to focus on the positive, allow the negative energy to flow past and be released and shift your mental status/thoughts, words/language and actions!

Daily Energy Shifts:

April 1st: We are still working through this major energy shift here dealing with family connections and communication. Each day is getting a bit better with this shift and by tomorrow this will have completed fully. So hang in there everyone and remember to ground and balance your energy!

April 2nd: Today we are in the final day of the major energy shift from March here dealing with family connections and communication. This will end here by 7pm EDT so relax and know things will be calming down here in the coming days!

April 3rd: Today we are working through a detox from the last major energy shift here everyone. This will be going on here for a few days so remember to get clear, release and let go!

April 4th:We are working through the second day of the detox work from our major energy shift that started in March and ended here April 2nd. Today is a good day to let go of any final issues, release and move forward!

April 5th: We have a calm day in the etheric realms today, so just take in all of the energy and know that everything will be ok!

April 6th: We have another calm day in the etheric realm today. Enjoy the relaxing energy and just have fun!

April 7th: We have a minor energy shift going on today and for the next few days here dealing with relationship
releasement and energy flow. This will be coming in here today at 5am EDT. The energy flow for this will be a bit strong at first and will start to taper off over the next few days. Keep open lines of communication going for everyone!

April 8th: We are in the middle of this minor energy shift here dealing with relationship releasement. Today's energy will be a bit calmer than yesterday as this continues to release for our energy fields. Stay in touch with loved ones, positive family members and friends and allow the releasement to work.

April 9th: We are in our final day here for the minor energy shift dealing with relationship releasement work. The energy flow for today will be much calmer as this tapers off and ends by 3pm EST. For this balance out your energy fields, ground and re-center your energy after all of the releasements have completed. Today is also the start of a Mercury Retrograde phase as this will be from April 9th through May 3rd. Remember during Mercury Retrograde it is best to do things that are re-doing, such as revisit, reconnect, revise, redo, refresh, etc.

April 10th: We have a mild detox day here today from our minor energy shift ending yesterday for relationship releasement work. Let go of any old issues coming to the surface!

April 11th: We have a calm day in the etheric realms today, no major or minor energy shift changes, so relax and enjoy the positive energy surrounding you today!

April 12th: Today we have another high vibrational day that we have not felt since March. We have high and low vibrational days all of the time, however today is another exception for this as the vibrational level for today is exceptionally high and free flowing. This is working against the slower moving energy of Mercury Retrograde, however this can still be felt as a huge shift today!

April 13th: We have a major energy shift coming in today dealing with abundance energy flow. This one is going to bring a windfall of change and in so many ways. This will be starting around 5am EDT and will bring change to not only our abundance pattern and energetic alignment but also into the physical reality and lower bodies! This one is huge people!

April 14th: Today we are in the second day of this major energy shift here and everyone should be feeling it by now. This is such a strong and positive energy flow it can feel like it is knocking some of us on our butts. The change from this energy shift is going to help so many out there and to balance out a lot of movement as well. The strongest days are yet to come tomorrow and the 16th, so hang in there and enjoy the positive changes!

April 15th: We are in the first strongest day of this major energy shift here this month. Today and tomorrow are going to be whoppers so really ground your energy and keep a level head about you during this shift!

April 16th: Today is the second strongest day if this major energy flow dealing with abundance energy and change. After today the energies will start to decrease a bit each day but that does not mean you are not having wonderful, positive energy change. It simply means your energy is absorbing this and you are starting to balance with the new flow!

April 17th: We have a few more days here for this major energy shift dealing with abundance energy change here in our lives. This one is going to bring about a lot of change for everyone. Remember abundance comes in all forms so be open to what you see coming into your life!

April 18th: We have two more days left here from this major abundance energy shift and things are starting to turn around for so many people, vibrational level increases, positive energy flow and yes abundance! Be open to the change!

April 19th: Today we are in the final stretch here so hang in here. It is that last day here for the major abundance energy shift that came in this month. This will end here around 7pm EDT for the energy shift but the abundance will continue to flow! Things are going to seem a bit different now, but different is a good thing as it is a positive change and be open to the abundance energy flow!

April 20th: Today and tomorrow we have some detox days here going on from this major abundance energy shift that came in, so let go and release!

April 21st: We have one more detox day here for our energy fields, as a lot of change can bring about a lot of energetic debris and releasements, so let go of the old and move forward everyone!

April 22nd: We have a calm day in the etheric realms today and just in time too as we have had so much change in such a short amount of time. Relax today everybody!

April 23rd: We have another calm day today everyone, so take some time for yourself and enjoy the day!

April 24th: We have a low vibrational day today, but it is just that one day. With Mercury Retrograde going on right now things can feel as if they are moving at a snail's pace, but hang in there it is only one day!

April 25th: Today may feel like the energy flow is super super super fast, however it is just feeling the difference in yesterday's low vibrational energy and today's average energy flow, so enjoy the speedy feeling and don't get to far ahead of yourself!

April 26th: We have another calm day in the etheric realms today, no major energy shifts, so enjoy your happy and peaceful day everyone!

April 27th: We have a minor energy shift coming in today dealing with an energy boost here for everyone. This will be coming in here today around 2pm EDT. This will last here for a few days for everyone, so enjoy the extra positive energy movement.

April 28th: We are working through the second day of the minor energy shift that came in yesterday for our energetic boost. Today will be the strongest day for this so don't hype up on too much caffeine everyone!

April 29th: Today is the final day for the minor energy shift here for our energetic boost. This will taper off and end here around 7pm EDT. Enjoy the energy today!!

April 30th: We have a minor detox day today in the etheric realms coming in to clear out any energetic debris here, so relax and release everybody!

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