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How do I schedule in a healing session?
The first thing to do is decide which healing session you wish to have done. Then you can simply click on the "Add To Cart" Paypal button on this page and proceed with payment. We will receive a notification when this is received and Ms. Nicole Lanning will personally contact you via email within 24 hours of your payment. All emails she sends out will be to the email that comes in through the Paypal invoice, so please make sure this is your correct one. From there she will explain about scheduling in your session, confirming your information for your healing work as well as provide you with her up to date schedule.

Can I schedule in a healing session first and pay later?
All of our healing sessions are scheduled in after payment is received to keep this fair to all of our clients.

What are your scheduling hours?

Ms. Nicole Lanning schedules in all healing and energy scan sessions Monday through Friday 10am through 10pm Eastern Time. Saturdays and Sundays (when available) are for emergency and/or customized sessions.

How soon can I get my healing session done?

Ms. Lanning's schedule is different every day, however she can typically book in a 1 hour time session within a few days and sometimes even sooner. Again this all depends on her daily schedule as this changes with each person scheduling in.

How do you connect in with a client for your healing sessions?

Ms. Lanning connects in with a person's energetic signature in a meditative state. She uses their name and location to do this. She scans the etheric realms to locate the location first and then scans for the person's name. She can also scan for any other information that is provided for her to cross check for the person's energy. Once she is connected in for the healing work she places a protection around the person and herself and then scans for the appropriate area to work on, locates all problems, corrects then and heals the damaged areas and then places a detox integration and protection around everything before she disconnects from their energetic signature. All of our work is done in an energetic meditative state on her end, as this is how she connects in with her clients. No sessions are completed via phone, internet chat, or skype as these electrical devices can interfere with the healing session.

What types of healing energy do you work with?

Ms. Nicole Lanning works with over 500 different positive healing energies, including some of her own personal channeled energy forms and Reiki forms. All of them are pure healing energy and all of them are directly from the Divine Source.

What types of results can I expect to see after a healing session?

Everyone's results are different based on what type of healing session they have. For example we have seen clients who work with the Abundance Blockage Clearing session, and depending on the issues that were within their energy fields, the goals they are focusing on and desiring in their life as well as how their energy integrates the new positive energy change this can be seen in many different ways. We have seen some receive back payments come from unexpected sources, we have seen some receive new jobs, some have won small amounts in smaller lottery tickets and some receive other various forms of abundance in their lives. It all depends on the person, the issues, their integration and what they are working on, as this is what determines what one can expect to see after a healing session.

What should I do during and after my healing session?

During your healing session time that you have scheduled in we recommend not doing anything too strenuous for your energy. That means working out at the gym, going out dancing, running, etc. You can go about your every day routines as this is completely acceptable. If you wish to "feel" the healing session more we would recommend doing things that are much calmer for your energy so you can focus on the connection. Some clients like to read, rest, take a nap, listen to music, etc. It is not recommended that you meditate however many clients prefer to do this. After your healing session we recommend that you rest, stay hydrated and allow for the detox and integration to process for your energy fields. Detox issues can last 7-10 days depending on the person and integration can take anywhere from 7-60 days depending on the person and healing session.

What is a detox period and integration period for the healing sessions?

A detox period is typically 7-10 days after your healing session. This is when you can experience issues such as flu like symptoms, old aches and pains, emotional releasements, feeling a bit more tired, etc. This happens when their is a change to your energy patterns and the area is releasing all of the old issues and your energy fields are processing through this. The integration for a healing session on average can be anywhere from 7-60 days depending on the person and the healing session they had done. Integrations are based on how quickly the person's energy works through the new change, the area that was worked on and the issues removed. The same person can have one energy pattern worked on for their body and this integrate within 5 days and then have another area worked on and this one takes 14 days to integrate. It is about the person and how quickly this works through the process but also the energy patterns that are being worked on as well.

What are Ms. Lanning's follow-up procedures?
After any healing session is completed Ms. Lanning offers a free one time healing boost session for all of her clients on all of her healing sessions. This is used to check on the healing work that was completed, check the energy pattern that was worked on, check the integration of the healing work and also check the vibrational level. These sessions are scheduled in after her last session for the evening at an 11pm Eastern Time spot and these are 30 minutes to complete. It is recommend to have this check done after a 30 day period from your session to allow for integration time for your healing work, but this can be scheduled in prior if necessary. This is a one time free healing boost session. After this any remaining sessions are paid for and scheduled in during regular business hours.

How many energy patterns does Ms. Lanning work on?

Ms. Nicole Lanning is capable of scanning over 120 different areas of one's energy fields. This is much more in-depth than the basic chakras and aura layers that many start out with, as she goes much deeper into the energy patterns. These look like interwoven and connecting areas that make up a very large grid for our energy fields.

What types of problems and issues can I work on with healing work?

Any issues that  you are dealing with Ms. Lanning can help. Physical issues (body, health, skin, hair loss, joint pain, etc etc), emotional issues (sensitivities, depression, anger, etc etc), mental issues (concentration, memory, subconscious, etc etc), spiritual issues (feeling a disconnection, entity removal, etc etc) and energetic issues (alignment, balancing, energy overflow, etc etc). If you are not sure where to start simply contact Ms. Lanning via email and explain briefly about the problem and she will give you some suggestions on where to start and what she can do to help.

What areas can I work on for a specific problem?

This all depends on the problem that you want to work on. For example, if you are dealing with an emotional issue the areas to check into would be the emotional grid plane, emotional lower body, emotional balance pattern, emotional armor releasement and the energetic alignment along with possibly the chakras and aura layers. However if you are dealing with a financial issue you can check into the abundance pattern, financial pattern, scarcity pattern, energetic alignment, etc etc. It all depends on the issue you want to work on. If you have a specific problem feel free to contact Ms. Lanning via email and she will be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

How do you communicate with your clients?

Our main form of communication is via email. You can also call, however we cannot interrupt anyone's healing or energy scan session to answer the phone so please leave a message and we will return you call. Emails are answered within 24 hours. Phone calls are answered within 48 hours.

Do you schedule in phone consultations?

Ms. Nicole Lanning does offer paid phone consultations. These are scheduled in for $99 for a 60 minute time block period.

How long are your healing sessions and what are their prices?

All of our healing sessions are priced individually and listed on their associated pages near the top of the page with their healing name and session length. To view them simply click on the Healing Sessions page in the navigational bar at the top of the page. To view a particular healing session simply click on the name of the healing. This will give you the name of the healing, session price, session length and description as well.

How many healing sessions can I schedule in at a time?

You can schedule in as many healing sessions as you wish. The only thing that we ask is if you wish to have more than 1 healing session done in a particular day that they be in back to back time spots. With this work being done this way Ms. Lanning can stay connected in with your energy for both sessions and place integrations over each one. Once this is done these are then connected in with each other to help balance for their energy flow.

How much are your customized healing sessions?

All of our customized sessions are individually priced, and for the majority of them, they are based off of your energy scan reports. The prices for them are based on the individual prices on the website totaled, along with a credit for your energy scan and then a percentage based discounted from this. All customized sessions are priced individually based on the issues from a person's energy scan report.

What types of payment do you accept?

We currently accept Paypal for all of our individual sessions on the website, invoices that are sent out and customized sessions. We do accept Western Union for customized sessions as well.

What is your refund policy?

We have a no refund policy. All of our healing sessions are a service base and no refunds are given. If you purchase a healing session and decide to have a different one instead you can have this applied towards your new choice and either the remainder will be a credit you can use at another time or if there is a difference a Paypal invoice will be sent for you for this.

Do you offer any discounts?

For all of our individual sessions these are priced as they are on the website. If a client decides to have 10 or more healing sessions done in back to back time spots when scheduling in we apply a 10% discount for them. All you have to do is simply contact us via email at support@healingartforms.com and let us know the 10 or more healing sessions you wish to have done and let us know that you want to schedule them in for back to back sessions. We will then send you a price quote showing the 10% discount and then send a Paypal invoice out for you as well.

Do you offer any free sessions?

We offer free detox clearing after any healing session purchase if you need additional help to clear out any detox issues from your previous healing.
We offer a one time free energy boost on your previous healing work that includes energy flushing, checking the energy pattern that was worked on, clearing our any detox issues, checking the vibrational level and boosting the energy flow here for you..

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