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got healing?


Quotes Oh Nicole If I lived in the States I would have made the effort to come see you personally for the massive job you did for me and give you a big as HUG. Thank You Dear So Much. I am feeling so much better and that I now trust that I can do most anything. People do not realise what an Aura Clearing can do for them. I'm so glad I had this done. You have a friend in Me for Life. Thanks once again. Quotes
Rachael H. (New Zealand)

Quotes Nicole thank you for the healing you've done with my chakras!! I'm already feeling more balanced, just a slight bit more focused and more energy than before! I'm so happy! I'm finding peace, clarity and happiness again! You never know how much you appreciate your own mental clarity, until it's not so clear. I am so excited to continue working with you! You are amazing! Thank you again! I know you will help me greatly, as you already have!!! :) :) :) Quotes
Sherry T. (Reisterstown, MD)

Quotes The financial blessing healing I had with you has changed so many things in such a short amount of time. I ended up first seeing positive changes in how I thought about my finances, and thought this is just my positive thinking going on. But then I started receiving money that was owed to me that I never thought would ever come in. Not only that my boss gave me a promotion and I then won $20 on an instant scratch off ticket, and I never win anything on those. Thank you for the incredible work you do for others! Quotes
Samuel P. (Jacksonville, FL)

Quotes You are so amazing with the work that you do that I had to send you an email and let you know how things has helped my life. After the healing session I had a lot of emotional releasements in my life for 3 days. I had know idea I had all of these bound up until the healing session. Once these were all cleared up and gone I felt like a new person. My detox was strong and powerful and I appreciated all of the additional detox work you helped me with free of charge as well. After this I felt like a new man. My girlfriend has complimented me on my new lease on life and my family keeps saying these see such a positive and loving change as well. You have helped me in so many ways Nicole that I cannot express in words. Thank you from the bottom of my soul! Quotes
Alex C. (Denver, CO)

Quotes Thank you for your amazing work. I did not have a chance to email until now to let you know of the progress after my healing. I am happy and excited to let you know that I got a job offer, and not just any job offer, but the one I had been wanting for some time. It not only happened so quickly but without any problems either. It almost seemed too good to be true. I cannot thank you enough for the help in clearing the blockages for my abundance issues and how this has truly opened up what I have been wanting for a long time. Thank you again for your wonderful healing work Ms. Lanning. Quotes
Ben M. (Daytona Beach, FL)

Quotes I wanted to say a special "Thank You" for the soul cleansing session I had with you yesterday Ms. Lanning. The energy was so calming and relaxing as I had never felt before from any other healers. I typically feel overwhelmed, anxious and feeling as if I cannot sit still from the uncontrolled way that some people do their healing work. Yours was much different, as I could sense the connection, could feel your presence and the work that you were doing. The session was so relaxing I decided to focus and go into a meditative state during it. This was when I met my spirit animal! I have never had an experience like this before, as I have always wanted to know my main spirit animal guide and this came through as well. Your report was spot on and it felt like you knew everything about multiple areas of my life and energy fields that no one other than myself could ever explain. You are very gifted in not only your intuition and psychic abilities but also in your healing work. Thank you again! Quotes
Walter H. (UK)

Quotes Thank you Nicole for the beautiful healing session that you did for me and my husband. We cannot thank you enough as the positive energy for our relationship now has been stronger than ever. The first week after the session we could see things changing as to how we approached each other and worked through issues. The second and third weeks we noticed we were spending more positive time together and by now the fourth week since the Relationship Cord Healing we feel as if we did when we first fell in love. The anger and resentment have been worked through not only in the physical format with our communication but also on the energetic level with your healing. We are so happy and wanted you to know how much this session has changed our lives. If you wish to use this as a testimonial on your website, we would be honored for you to share our story with the world about your healing sessions. Thank you from bottom of our hearts! Quotes
Grace A. (Topeka, KS)

Quotes Ms. Lanning you have done so much to help me with all of your free healing offers on the Facebook Page that I wanted to try a distant healing with you, as this is why I decided on the love blessing session. The session itself was very relaxed for me, as I have had some distant healings where the energy is not as comforting during the actual session, but yours was relaxing from the moment you started till the end of the session. Since then I have had tremendous positive love occurrences come u, and even from people I didn't think were possible. The love blessing has help me not only be open to love again but also accept myself more, express positive forms of love instead of pity for myself and just overall be open to all of the positive love that is in the Universe. I will keep you updated as things progress. Thank you for all that you do! Quotes
Sydney F. (Olympia, WA)

Quotes The younger self releasement session was amazing. I could feel you connect in with me and then I drifted off to sleep. This is not typical for me, as I do not normally take naps in the daytime, but your energy connection and the healing work was so calming and comforting to me. When I awoke I felt as if I was whole again. It is had to explain in an email or even words, but it was as if all of the lower vibrational patterns, old patterning of myself and all of the old gunk that I went through has not been released and everything is back up to a high vibrating state when I can feel as peace, harmony and focused. Thank you for the absolutely astonishing work that you did! Quotes
Shirley C. (Ireland)

Quotes Thank you Nicole for the wonderful healing work that you did for me. I could feel you connect in with my energy and then was very relaxed during the actual healing work. Your energy is very strong as I have had many other sessions with other practitioners, but yours is much different in a way that is calming, comforting, relaxing, and smooth during the healing work itself. Since the session I have seen tremendous change in my own pathway that I did not think I would ever see if this lifetime. I have tried many other healers, different forms of healing and have never made as much progress as I have had with just this session. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for the work that you do and that our paths have crossed, as I know that everything does happen for a reason! Quotes
Stacy W. (Dallas, TX)
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