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got healing?


Quotes Thank you Nicole for the most amazing healing work I have ever had. The energy scan was so helpful to have done first to see what areas I needed to work on. I decided to have the customized session with you as this way I could just clear out all of the issues and have everything back to where it should be for my energy levels. The first day of the healing I was very calm as I had this sense of peace come over me. That evening I had a lot of emotional issues come to the surface and the second day of the healing I was feeling so many changes coming from within. I know all of the areas take time to integrate, however with these coming up I tried something different to simply allow them to be and move on out instead of thinking and re-thinking them over and over again and holding onto the past. I could not believe how quickly I was able to let them go. Now that I am integrating the healing I can only say thank you very much for your time and work! I feel my life changing already! Quotes
Karen L. (Orlando, FL)

Quotes Hi, Nicole. I just had to let you know this, as I am still quite shocked, but definitely most grateful. After these sessions with you on Friday, I had some paperwork to do over the weekend, and had to get started on gathering information to do my taxes. I have used a CPA every year for the past 6 years to do my taxes (paying $450 to get them done!), and decided to just do them myself on TurboTax today. I followed everything very accurately, and in addition to saving the $450 bill from my CPA, I found I was entitled to receiving several thousand dollars back on my federal and state taxes! I got some extra tax credits for the first time this year, and got my first tax refund in probably 15-20 years!! And both refunds are very sizeable!! I am still in shock! I am telling you.......these healings from Friday really have packed a powerful punch!! Wow.....I am so excited - and VERY grateful to you! Thank you so much! Quotes
Vicky P. (Eden Prairie, MN)

Quotes Nicole your healing work is truly amazing. The other healers I have gone to only know about the chakras and auras and they don't really know how to scan very well or what they are looking for. Your scan work and detailed report that you gave me had so much information in it I was so happy to finally have a healer who could understand what my problems were, where they were at and how to work on them. Now as for the healing work, what can I say but I am so very thankful and blessed to have come across your website. I honestly feel like a new person and all of the negativity is gone, all of the draining attachments are gone. The session took some time and the integration and detox did as well, but now after I have worked through everything I look back and am very thankful that I decided to have the healing work done with you. I can honestly tell all of my friends that you are the real deal from personal experience! Thank you again and may the Universe bless you in all areas of your life! Quotes
Maria L. (United Kingdom)

Quotes Hi Nicole. Thank you so much. I am very glad I found you through facebook.. I have spent so much money trying to find/get help and you have already done more for me in one session than all of the healings I have had combined :) so thankyou. Quotes
Daniel H. (Australia)

Quotes The work of Nicole Lanning and Healing Art Forms was such a miracle to my life! Before having this healing work, I felt overwhelmed, oppressed, and energetically tied and drained to others! I tried many forms of healing, but it always felt like I only removed an ounce of pain from an ocean of emotions! Ms. Lanning listened to my concerns and provided several options for healing. The work that I did was initially progressive, and eventually I did the full energetic scan to get a bird's eye perspective on my energetic fields! I followed the suggested healing, and within weeks became a brand new person! Full of hope, renewed, and lighter! Not only does Ms. Lanning assist to heal, but she is also a teacher at heart; I watch the video archive teachings to learn more on this work. If you are unsure if this is the work for you, set your hope and intention high and be prepared for your life to change for the better! Thanks for your wonderful assistance, Healing Art Forms! Quotes
Alecia E. (Silver Spring, MD)

Quotes The abundance blockage clearing session was just what I needed. I felt like I was on the verge of getting what I wanted but there was just something standing in my way. After the session I felt so much calmer than before and within 12 days (yes I counted them) I had a resolution to the problem that was in my way and I can honestly say abundance has been coming in from all areas since then! Thank you for all of your help! Quotes
Thomas M. (Miami, FL)

Quotes Ms. Lanning I cannot thank you enough for the healing work you have done for me. My relationship with my husband is better than ever. I am so glad I decided to do the relationship scan first and then the customized healing work. We are communicating better, listening to each other instead of judging and making assumptions, and just overall much much happier. I wish I had done this years ago as it feels like it did when we were dating. Thank you again for all of your work and help in healing our relationship and marriage! Quotes
Suzanne T. (Dallas, TX)

Quotes Hi Nicole, I have been loving these sessions. I can really feel the difference. I am amazed as to how many issues I have been carrying with me, and I am looking forward to life that is lighter and free of the negative beliefs. Quotes
Andrea P. (D'Iberville, MS)

Quotes Honestly I did not know what to expect from a distant healing session, but could not find a local healer that I felt drawn too so I started looking online. When I came across your website I felt like I was at home and some actually knew what they were talking about when it came to the healing process. I know I emailed you quite a bit before I decided to purchase some healing work and I do appreciate your answering so quickly as so many people don't these days. I felt like I could trust you and your healing work so I decided to purchase some sessions. I also appreciate your ability to work with my schedule for them. I can only say that they were some of the best experiences I have ever had with any type of healing (and I have tried many of them out there). I saw results from my sessions within a few days for one and a few weeks for another. The last one I did it has been just over a week and I can see things starting to unfold here for it. I will keep you updated on this soon! Quotes
Randy R. (New York)

Quotes Thank you for the awesome session I had last week. The healing was incredible, as I was so relaxed I fell asleep and almost never take naps during the day. I have never felt so much peace and comfort during a healing session. You have a true ability and gift and am glad I came across your website! Thanks again and I will keep you updated on my progress! Quotes
Mona M. (Orlando, FL)
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