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got healing?


Quotes First and foremost let me just say WOW !!! Where do I even begin? I have been in a state of calm from the time the session has started , I was so calm that I had dosed off 15 minutes into the session despite trying to stay awake and when I woke up my body was physically feeling so light and free and my mind was actually quiet , I did not experience the excess mind chatter that is normally followed with the feeling of frustration and it is still like that ! I am just feeling so happy in general and also that I have finally achieved this kind of inner peace that I have been longing for. My attitude has changed drastically in this short span of time I don't let the little things get to me anymore and I'm feeling so hopeful about the future. After this session I know for a fact I will be back for more . I have never experienced this with the other healers I have been to. You are definitely an ANGEL who walks among us on Earth. Quotes
Melesha E. (South Africa)

Quotes Please share this testimonial with others Ms Lanning as I want everyone to know of my life changing experiences with your healing work. I had a full energy scan session with you and then decided to have a customized healing for the areas that were in the scan. The session itself was calm but intense at the same time. I was relaxed but could tell you were connected in with my energy and could feel changes going on. I know everyone doesn't always feel things like I do, but the session was wonderful. After this things shifted greatly in my life on every level. My emotions were not all over the place, my health started to improve, my goals were making progress (which I ended up achieving one so far!) and my relationships are doing GREAT! I have been looking for a genuine healer for some time and have been to a lot of in person and distant sessions, but none were as good as yours. Thanks again for all that you do for everyone that you help and may you be blessed in all areas of your life! Quotes
Robert C. (Dallas, TX)

Quotes Thank you for such an amazing healing session. Since then I have had a lot of changes in this past month that had made a huge impact on my life. All of them were positive and all of them had to deal with my life goal. I am so glad I had the healing sessions with you to draw this in as I cannot thank you enough! Quotes
Margo R. (Los Angeles, CA)

Quotes Thank you for the healing work I had last week. I feel so much more calm and balanced with my emotions now. The detox from the session was strong for the first day but things evened out after this and now I honestly feel happiness, gratitude and peace from within! Thank you so much for your healing abilities! Quotes
Carmen V. (UK)

Quotes A year back I had done a 40 area customized healing for myself with Nicole. Looking back, my life is completely different compared to a year back. I have found greater clarity, direction on my life path, career. I am more settled financially, emotionally. Your healing is amazing. I thank you for doing such a great job. God bless you. Quotes
Aditi J. (India)

Quotes Thank you for the customized healing session. I wanted to wait to send in my email about the session till I saw how things were integrating here for my energy fields. I can honestly say that so many things have changed for the positive. They were small changes at first, but noticed they were getting more and more frequent of how things turned around. I ended up winning some money in a scratch off lottery ticket, which I never win these ever! My boyfriend issues have been worked out and we are now talking about moving in together. My relationship with my mother has changed so much that I want to spend more and more time with her. My job has improved drastically and I am up for a promotion. My health is feeling much much better, as I know it takes time and all of the health problems didn't appear over night but I can see the positive changes already. I feel so much more calm and at peace and can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the work that you did! Love to you! Quotes
Paige H. (New York City, NY)

Quotes What a great session I had! This was truly amazing! I have tried other healers before but have never felt so calm during the healing session. You have such a calm and peaceful connection, the energies are so relaxing and the releasements feel so much better. I ended up falling asleep during the healing at some point and work up feel so refreshed and full of energy. Thank you for the healing session and I will let you know how this helps in my daily life! Quotes
Trina T. (Dallas, TX)

Quotes Thank you Nicole for the healing session I had done. I could sense the connection and during the healing session I had a very peaceful feeling come over me that I have not felt in many many years. This was a blessing that I had not expected. I could also sense when the session was over too. I did not see immediate changes, however I do understand that healing work has to integrate fully so I wanted to let you know after everything what had happened. It was three weeks after the session and the abundance, money and so many positive things started to come into my life in many different ways. When selecting these healing sessions I opted for the abundance, scarcity, financial and attraction ones to make sure I had all of the connecting areas to be worked on, but I honestly was just hoping to change some things around here and there. Boy did things change and in a GREAT way. I cannot thank you enough for this help in getting back on the right track and having things shift this way! Quotes
Carl R. (Nashville, TN)

Quotes Nicole you have changed so much in my life around with just some of the healing work you did that I have not been able to do in years. I focused and did a lot of the things I could find on my own but could not locate the areas in my energy patterns to work on or know what the blockages looked like. Since my abundance/financial/scarcity session I have had so much turn around it is crazy to see it all and think I should have done this sooner. But I am just glad I came across your site when I asked my angels for a sign to help me. My boss ended up giving me the promotion, my husband found a new job when all we could see was everyone saying no to him, and my two sisters even paid me back the money the owed me. This is in the order in which they came in over the course of 5 weeks. It seems like things just started turning around for me again and I can't be happier! Thank you again for all of the work you did for me and for being so nice, understanding and helpful with your answers! Quotes
Gia T. (Denver, CO)

Quotes Thank you Ma'am Ms. Lanning for the healing work for my husband and my marriage. Since the customized healing done last month things have been much better with our communication, affection and interaction. You did a great job with the energy scan to let me know where we were connected and shared our energy and the problems there too. The custom session for us you did was great. The detox did have some issues, so I want to thank you again for the additional detox work you did here for the both of us. My husband and I are the happiest now than we have been in 7 years. Quotes
Anonymous (India)
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