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got healing?


Quotes I wanted to send you an update after my customized healing and the one I had for my husband too. Things have changed so much in our, in a positive way, since I last spoke with you and I believe this is from all of the healing work you have done to help us open up pathways, opportunities, heal our relationship and how much we have grown. I know you are very busy so I will keep this brief. In short we ended up getting the home we had a bid in for, and for even a lesser price than we expected. Our family opened up to our relationship which helped things so much and ease all of the tension. It was like one day things were bad and the next day there was this huge shift. You are a true Earth Angel! Quotes
Susan H. (California, USA)

Quotes I have never such an emotional releasing till I had your emotional healing sessions done. I have other healing work done before but none of the other healers I worked with ever had such an impact as I had with your sessions. Thank you for the absolutely fabulous work! Quotes
SharonLee M, (USA)

Quotes My health is getting better each day. The words "Thank you" just can't explain how much you have helped me, as I feel like I have my life back. Since the customized healing work we did my energy levels keep increasing, I am not so sluggish, I have the drive to get things done, I don't sleep 10 hours a night anymore (7-8 now) and my body just feels better (muscles aren't hurting all the time). It's been 2 months and keep seeing progress. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! May you be blessed in all areas of your life for helping so many people in need! Quotes
Mary F. (Australia)

Quotes My mother loved her new healing work. She really enjoyed the energetic alignment and can't wait for her other ones. She says she feels lighter and has more energy then before. Thank you Nicole from both of us! Quotes
Sam B (USA)

Quotes I can't believe how much things have changed since I had the healing work for abundance and finances. I received an unexpected back payment from a company who refused to fix the issue we had with the contractor until then. We also won $500 6 days after the healing work on a scratch off ticket and my husband's brother ended up coming over and doing the rest of the work on the house for us for free! Thank you and can't wait to see what else is in store for us! Quotes
Trish T. (Dallas, TX)

Quotes I am still amazed at the results I had from your healing work. I have never experienced a connection like yours which not only felt calming but energizing too. The detox from these were a bit intense so I appreciate your free detox flush work too, as this helped so much! Thanks again for the healing work! Quotes
William C. (New York)

Quotes Ms. Lanning, I cannot thank you enough for the healing work I did with you over the last six months. I wanted to send you an update and let you know how things were doing. I ended up getting that promotion at work and the pay increase was more than I had even expected. My relationship with my boyfriend is so much better. We have worked out so many of our issues and all of the healing work has helped so much. I will be back for more healing work soon for my family members for the holidays! Quotes
Jennifer M. (Sweden)

Quotes Thank you Nicole for all of the healing work you have done for me. I can honestly say I see the things making a huge impact as at first things were a slow process but each day seemed better and better. I think the best one I had was the programming pattern removal one as this one seemed to help in so many areas of my life from one healing session. Thank you again. Quotes
J.R. Washington (USA)

Quotes Nicole you really are a beautiful soul! The healings are really helping me in so many areas and I know things take time to integrate fully but I can already see changes here and there and am so happy with your work. Thank you also for all of the additional things you helped me with for crystals and herbal work. You are a wonderful person and beautiful soul! Quotes
Sheena W. (USA)

Quotes I just want to thank you, Nicole for all of the Healings that I've had. Because of the incredibly painful muscle spasms from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, for the past 22 years, my life had been so topsy turvy and confusing. I was easily upset and emotional; and doctors said I would only get worse. These healings are giving me my life back and making me bounce back from negativity quicker, and be more calm and happy. I can't tell you enough how grateful I am!!!! My sons have noticed the change in me, and our home is more peaceful and happy! Quotes
Pamela (Alaska)
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