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Top 6 Angel Signs To Watch For

Posted by Nicole Lanning on October 27, 2016 at 8:40 AM


Angels are always leaving us signs for us to notice in our daily life, however sometimes people do not know what the signs mean or that they are even signs for us to pay attention to. In today's blog we are going over some of the most common signs that angels are trying to get us to notice as well as their meanings. We have so much going on in the world today that we overlook some of these beautiful messages as they are coming around and we need to take time, slow down and enjoy life and all that is put before us. When you need help and guidance call upon your guardian angels, birth angels or Archangels or any of the angels in the angelic realm. They are here to help and guide us and watch for their signs!


#1: Feathers are a big sign when angels are placing messages literally in front of your feet! Different feathers have different meanings.Black means you are protected. White means your angel is near your side. Black and white means change is on its way. Grey means calmer days are coming. Blue means spiritual awakening and healing are coming. Green means things are on the right path. Yellow means good news is coming your way. Red means caution ahead.

#2: Coins are right up there in the top 3! Ever heard the expression "Pennies From Heaven" - well they are right. Pennies and dimes are the most common signs of coins you will find on your pathway. Some people just think it was because someone dropped some change, but honestly just one penny here or a dime and penny there, right where you happened to walk and notice. Not likely! They are signs from our angels. For coins it is about paying attention to the date on them, seeing if this is significant and what is connected to this in your current day to day life.

#3: Numbers are another big sign for messages from your angels. These can be the same numbers repeated over and over again such as 1111 or a pattern of numbers such as 1212 or even more distinct. If you are seeing patterns of numbers your angels are trying to give you a message. You can also click on our angel number patterns and healing blog to read about all of them!

#4: Sparks of light out of the corner of your eye or orbs you can see around you or in pictures. These are more messages to let you know that your angels are nearby and there if you are in need.

#5: Ever walk somewhere and you can smell a familiar scent but there is nothing around. No people, no flowers, nothing. This is another angel sign! Pay attention to what the scent is and what this reminds you of or that time in your life as they are trying to get your attention!

#6: A song repeating over and over where you go. Maybe it is in the car on the radio and then in the store you go to or over to a friends house. Pay attention to what this song means to you currently as well as if this was a favorite in your past.


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Look for our top 6 angel signs to watch for or contact us if you have any questions about angels and healing work.


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