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How To Stop Feeling Other People's Energy Without Feeling Isolated

Posted by Nicole Lanning on October 13, 2016 at 9:25 AM


Are you feeling other people's energy more often than you would like?

Do you feel exhausted just from being around other people?

Do you physically feel sick or overwhelmed with emotions from others?

Do you constantly feel like everyone is connected in with you?

Do you feel emotions a lot but they are not yours?

Feel like you have to constantly clear your energy fields just to hand day to day life?


This is a very big problem for many people the more that we are going through an awakening process as more and more are developing their own abilities. However many do not know how to handle or deal with them and this can be very overwhelming. There are many things that can be done to help, as each person is unique in their own energy and where they are for their growth and progress as well as their energy fields. Here are some things you can work on to get started!


One main issue dealing with feeling other's energy, emotions, thoughts, feelings and even physical issues is that your intuition is very strong and your own awakening process is moving very quickly for your soul level and your physical body and senses are having a hard time adjusting. For this it can also throw off your energetic levels as we can become stressed during these issues. One thing you can do during these times is to ground your energy and center your energy at your solar plexus chakra. You have to find your center in these times and block everything else out. Having an empathic side is a blessing, however it can be hard to handle until you can understand this. It is all about balance, keeping your energy clear and also keeping yourself protected as well.


When you start feeling this issue you have to understand what is going on. This is dealing with an energy flow and current here for your intuitive connections and patterns. This is how you are receiving your information. When you have an influx of energy here this can be overwhelming. What causes the influx of energy? Many things actually. This can be a process you are simply working through if all of your connections are not open, this can also be from excess energy in an area from other people or the grid laylines of the Earth and this can also be from stress on your energy fields. When this happens, take a moment and notice what is going on around you and block out the rest. Are you in a crowded area or more in a calm peaceful setting? Is there a lot of stimulation in the area other than people? Are you at a high energy point location?


Is it possible to stop this? You can do many things to help either calm this down or turn this off. This all depends on what you may want to do or where you are in your pathway. If you are having an overwhelming amount of this coming in it could be from an energy shift change going on within your energy fields, which I would recommend getting checked out. This could be an awakening process you are going through and this can and will calm down.


If this is something you have been dealing with for some time though and is not new, I would highly recommend having an energy scan done and checking out your intuitive connections and your protection patterns and connections, as these are the main areas where concerns can reside for this issue. There could be anything here from blockages and barriers, negative or old programming patterns causing a lower vibrational level energy flow for the area or there could be some major issues with leakage points or rips in the areas leaving these open and being able to soak up the energy and emotions of others.


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with How To Stop Feeling Other People's Energy Without Feeling Isolated or contact us for a customized energy scan for your connection and protection areas.


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