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Angel Numbers and Healing

Posted by Nicole Lanning on December 8, 2012 at 6:50 AM

Angel numbers and healing are something that I really enjoy working with for healing in our life. These numbers can give us a major clue into what is going on within our energy shifts, mental thought process, and how the spiritual realm is communicating with us. That is a lot just from numbers that we see in our daily life. The key to working with angel numbers is to know what they are, how they correspond, and to just let them appear in your life as they need be - not force or try to see something that is not there.


When working with angel number patterns each person's issues are going to be different based on what numbers come up and how these correspond to what is going on in their life. You may experience repeating numbers over a few days or only see them once every few months. The common occurance of them is not what is imporant, but rather that you pay attention as there is sign that is being put in front of you for you to be aware of. Now onto the numbers and what they mean!


000: Zeros are a wonderful sign to encounter as this means you and your energy are one with Spirit, or the Universe. On the opposite end this can also mean that you are dealing with a void in your life at some area. If this is the meaning for you you will know what area that is right away.


111: One's are something that I think everyone can see from time to time. These are dealing with an energetic flow for manifestation issues as well as mental thought patterns. It is a major reminder to pay attention to your thoughts!


222: Two's are a blessing in disguise. They are telling you to have faith, be strong, and expect the outcome that you have always wanted in the situation. They are also a very strong sign and process of ascension within your spiritual side.


333: Three's are something to be taken back and thought about for a moment as this is a decision number that can come up in your life. When you see three's take a moment to reflect on this area.


444: Four's are probably one of the more favorite number patterns many like to see as this means that you are being lovingly surrounded with angelic energy. They are there to help, so all you have to do is ask!


555: Five's is one of my personal favorites as this means change is coming. Many people see five's but don't realy know where the change is that should occur. You are not supposed to look for it,  but rather understand that a shift is coming your way for the better and to welcome this with open arms when it does arrive.


666: Six's are all about the material and physical world aspect of our lives. This is a sign that things are out of balance in this area and in your thought patterns. Take a moment to reflect and shift this energy.


777: Seven's are very high vibrational energy when you come across these numbers. This is a sign for you to keep your eyes and ears open as your manifestion is working through its integration process into your life.


888: Eight’s are what many people call an infinty symbol for the energetic fields around you. This means the ending and beginning are near and allow the transition to come smoothly.


999: Nine's are a spiritual occurance for us to see which reminds us to stay strong in our belief's, faith, and expectations in our life.


1010: Ten's are what we call Alpha and Omega numbers as these show the creation process unfolding in our life.


1212: Twelve's are a very good sign for you to see in your life. This means guidance from the angelic and spiritual realm is surrounding you to help change, improve, and better an area if your life that you are focusing on.


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with angel numbers and healing or angelic rebirthing sessions in your life today!



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