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Healing Brachial Chakra On Animals

Posted by Nicole Lanning on March 15, 2010 at 7:29 AM

Animal chakra centers are very similar to that of human’s, except for one major center. Humans have seven major chakra areas in our physical bodies. Animal’s, however, have eight major centers. The eighth center is something fairly new to the healing area concerning animals.



The eighth chakra center is called the Brachial chakra and is located between the shoulders on the back. This chakra center is a link that connects all of the other major chakra centers together. This is also a major connection between animal and human bonding issues. For any kind of healing on an animal, whether it is a general healing session or a customized healing, make sure you work through the Brachial chakra center first!



When this chakra center is not balanced, or is blocked with stagnant or negative energy the animal will not want to be touched, will act withdrawn from daily activities and healing session, and will show a behavioral patter of refusal for connections with humans and bonding issues. There are two types of different healing that can be done for these concerns. Black Tourmaline should be used if the animal is reluctant to connect with a session or person. Herkimer Diamonds should be used for a general healing session and a connection to all of the major chakra areas.



Make sure to begin each session with an open mind and heart, be well grounded and centered and have no fear within your own energy system. You and the animal will both be thankful that you did!




Many Blessings and Love and Light

Nicole Lanning


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