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See Yourself In An Abundance Mindset

Posted by Nicole Lanning on March 26, 2014 at 8:45 AM

How do you see yourself in an abundance mindset when it seems like everything is moving in the opposite direction? That is what we are going to answer in this healing blog posting today. It is something that you can do at home and work on in your own healing, meditation or visualization sessions. Let's get started.


Generally speaking many people want to focus on an abundance mindset when they are not receiving abundance in their life. Common sense, right? The first thing you have to realize though is that abundance is all around us and everywhere we look. Abundance is not just money or things, as this is not true abundance. Abundance is when we recognize all of the positive things, how they flow into our lives and allow ourselves to enjoy them to their fullest. This includes everything in your life, as it is not limited to your financial status, as this is money, wealth, success, etc. That is not what we are talking about today. For some, you may want to also increase your finances which is fine, but true abundance is about everything in your life and enjoying this with happiness, peace and harmony.


So how do you see yourself in an abundant mindset? It is about first letting go of the control that you do not have enough. I know this seems like a hard thing to do for many, but this control is a false control that we have. We have to be open to receiving all of the abundance that the Universe and Divine Spirit provide for us and not try to control how or where or why this comes into our life. That is the first step.


The second step is simply focusing your intention on an abundant life. Again, it is not about material things but rather seeing yourself in the full potential of abundance in all areas of your life. This also includes love, relationships, happiness, enjoyment, peace, harmony. You need to get a clear picture of how you see yourself having abundance in all areas. Everyone's picture is going to be different, as everyone has their own areas that they want to see, so it is important to make this picture your own.


Now onto the final step for your abundance work. Focus on this twice a day and allow the Universe and Divine Spirit to bring this into your life. When you have an opportunity to take inspired action it is because things have aligned for this in your life and you are moving in the right direction towards your goal. You have to focus, take inspired action and allow this to come. It really can be that simple, as we over think things way to much in today's society. We have to find the inner peace and have faith knowing that things will align for them. So take time today and let go of the control, get your clear picture, focus, take inspired action and allow this to come!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work on these simple steps to see yourself in an abundance mindset today or contact us for additional help with clearing abundance blockages within your energy fields.



What Is An Energetic Signature

Posted by Nicole Lanning on February 6, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Many of our clients have inquired and asked," What is an energetic signature?" Well, I am here today to help explain a bit more for you on just that topic. When working with your energy fields we all have an energetic signature. This is what we use to be able to tell us apart from other's enery fields and their energetic signatures. Let me explain a bit more for you.


An energetic signature is completely unique from person to person. Just as a person has a unique fingerprint compared to another person's fingerprints, we all have our own energetic signature. Our energetic signature holds our information about who we are, our name, age, sex, etc. This is like your own unique fingerprint in the etheric realms that you can tell other's apart from. When working with this it is about understanding what it is and how you can work with this.


Our energetic signature's are a part of our energy fields. This means that they can also have energetic problems as well such as blockages, energy anchors, boundary issues, imprinted layers, energy leaks, and so on. They can hold stagnant energy and they can also have energetic debris within them as well. Just as your fingers get dirty so can your energetic signature. Since it is an energy pattern it can hold the same problems that other areas of your energy fields can too.


When working on your healing you can also work on clearing, cleansing and healing your energetic signature. Many people ask why do you need your name and location for healing work. For two reasons really, as your name is connected in with your energtic signature. With this if you scan the etheric realms looking for "Joe Smith" you may find many "Joe Smith's" out there. But if you add a location in with this based on your energetic signature this will help narrow down all of the "Joe Smith's" out there in the world. You can also include your birthdate as this is shown on your energetic signature. Your energetic signature is even imprinted on photographs of you, as this is why some healers will ask for this as well.


Your energetic signature is a part of who you are and your energy make up, so make sure to take care of this, keep it healthy, free flowing and high and vibrant with positive energy flow. This will help balance your other energy patterns to have a strong connection with the divine and a positive energy flow!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms. If you have any questions on what is an energetic signature or want to work with Ms. Lanning on an energetic signature cleansing feel free to contact us today!



A Free Angelic Healing Session

Posted by Nicole Lanning on January 5, 2014 at 3:05 PM

Today's healing blog posting is working with a free angelic healing session to learn how to call upon the archangels to assist you. It is fairly simple and straight forward on the healing process so that everyone can call upon the assistance and guidance of the archangels whenever they need to. You do not have to have any special training for this angelic healing work. It is all done with your own energy, connections, intentions and the assistance of the archangels in your life. Let's get started!


Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes.  Take three slow deep breaths in and out and relax your body. Focus on relaxing your body from head to toes. Ask that the archangels be able to assist you today in your healing session and ask that a protection be placed around you for this time frame as well. Now call upon the four Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel to assist you in your angelic healing session.


Ask Archangel Michael to please remove all cords and attachments and heal all connection areas that are damaged and deal with negative energy. Ask Archangel Gabriel to clear, balance and heal your basic seven chakras to provide a positive energy flow for your physical body. Ask Archangel Raphael to heal your basic aura layers and to bring in wholeness and good health to your life. Ask Archangel Uriel to release all tensions and grant peace of mind and tranquility for your physical body, emotional state and mental clarity.  


Once this has been completed, as each portion of the session will take different time frames to complete, allow for the energy to settle before moving onto the next phase. The energies will be a higher vibration when this is working through your energy fields, so relax and enjoy the experience. Now ask Arcahngel Michael to place a protective shield around your energy fields and give thanks for all of their healing work that they have provided for you. Now count up from one to five and open your eyes and take three slow deep breaths and center your energy!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with a free angelic healing session for your energy fields or contact us today for a customized angel healing session.



See Yourself In An Abundance Mindset

Posted by Nicole Lanning on December 1, 2013 at 1:55 PM

How can you see yourself in an abundance mindset? There are some simple ways for you to do this at home. The mindset is going to help you with 85% of what you can visualize and obtain in your daily life from your goals to shifting the energy for your energetic fields. The mind can create all of these wonderful and positive things in your life and in all areas. Abundance in your life comes not just with money but other areas that can flood in in positive formats.


How do you go about doing this? Its easy to work with and once you start the process and see the abundance unfold you will continue to do this in many other areas. There are some simple things you can do as well to amplify this in your life other than just shifting your mindset and creating this reality, as I will go over these in this blog posting as well. But let's get back to seeing yourself in the abundance mindset.


For this all you simply have to do is shift your thinking. I know this sounds way to easy, but honestly have you tried it? Have you really put effort into shifting this in your life? Some of you will have and some of you won't have. When you set a goal to shift your mindset this is a goal in itself. When you take a new look on life this can then set a new programming within your belief patterns to grow and manifest within your energy and subconscious mind frame. How do you do it? You make a conscious decision to see yourself and your life full of abundance. It really is this simple. It is not just about seeing yourself in this for a moment but in your day to day life. When you get stuck in traffic, don't get mad about it, shift your mindset and take an opportunity to notice the abundance around you. You get to enjoy the abundance of music you can listen to, or the abundance of beautiful clouds in the sky, or the abundance of time you have to re-think your speak you are going to give. You have to see the abundance that is in front of you all the time.


How is this going to help bring abundance into your life? The thing is you already have the abundance in your life, as many of us over look it with the daily rushing here and there. Once you start to take notice you will notice more and more and even more. This is going to shift your mindset into a positive abundance mind frame. What happens next? You will then be emitting a positive abundance energy, and this my dear's is what is going to draw more abundance into your life. The energy that you think about and you express you will then draw back into your life. It really is easy to do, you just have to try and follow through and allow the abundance to unfold!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. See yourself in an abundance mindset today and contact us to help clear any abundance blockages within your energy field to help speed along your positive abundance flow.



Money Healing Prayer

Posted by Nicole Lanning on October 22, 2013 at 3:20 PM

Today's healing blog posting is a money healing prayer that we wanted to share with you. Many people have been asking for more prayer healing work to be posted. We are more than happy to share them with all of you for your own healing pathway in life. Remember to share this with others so that they can work with this in their life too!


Money healing work is a bit different than abundance healing work, as many people get these two intertwined and wonder why they struggle with both areas. Money healing is working with their money and financial energy patterns within their energy fields. These include, but are not limited to their subconscious mind set, emotional connections, and belief patterns as well. Abundance healing is about abundance in your life in all areas. This can include money, but it is not limited to just this area as abundance can come in all areas of your life.


Money patterns, abundance patterns, and scarcity patterns are connected within your energy fields in many ways, as all three of these patterns run together with each other and have multiple connection points along the way. So if one pattern is dealing with some blockages or problems these can filter into the other areas through these connection points. Especially when working on money in your life, you not only want to work or check your money patterns but also the scarcity patterns as well, as these can mask as hidden problems for your energy fields. It is about a balance for these areas for your positive money flow!


Money Healing Prayer

I pray and ask the Universe to send into my energy fields a positive money healing energy to remove all negative money problems within my energy fields. I acknowledge any negative areas that I have in my life for my money problems and vow to make a positive change in these areas. I take responsibility for my life and my money and see this now in a positive manner to draw in more positive money beliefs and patterns my way. I thank thee for the positive money healing I am about to receive and fully accept all that this has to unfold for  my life!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with our money healing prayer or one of our financial blessing healing sessions today!



Abundance Healing Prayer

Posted by Nicole Lanning on October 22, 2013 at 3:20 PM

We are here to share a new abundance healing prayer with all of you today! Many people have been enjoying the abundance topics we have been posting and others wanted to know more. This abundance healing prayer has worked well for our clients and everyone that we have shared this with. We hope you all enjoy the healing prayer work as much as we do!


For your abundance healing prayer, make sure that you are in a positive mindset before you begin. We recommend going over your prayer work at least twice a day for thirty days. It is not about the time frame for this, but the intention you place behind your healing prayer work that is sent out to the Universe. This is what draws in your abundance into your life. You can also incorporate visualization and healing work into this as well for your abundance healing.


Abundance Healing Prayer

I pray and ask the Universe bring forth and allow a positive abundance healing flush to enter my energy fields and heal any negative abundance problem areas or energy patterns that I have. I acknowledge any releasements that come from this and an open to a positive change in my life for my abundance healing work. I thank you for the healing I am about to receive and respect the energy as it unfolds in my life. Thank you!


Remember it is all about resonating with the work that you do for your healing, so check out our other abundance topics we have posted on our healing blog, as well as our abundance healing services. Each person has different issues that they are working on for their own healing, so it is best to find what resonates for you. Prayer work can be combined with distant healing, crystal healing, sound healing and many other healing modalities. So stay open to the work that feels right for you and stay open to all of the abundance that comes into your life!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with our abundance healing prayer or our abundance blockage removal session to increase more abundance in your life today!



What Is Energy Integration And How Does It Work?

Posted by Nicole Lanning on October 22, 2013 at 3:20 PM

What is energy integration? We have been asked this question by many clients and have been asked to do a blog posting for this as well so that we can share this information with everyone out here in cyberspace! Energy integration is basically how your energy absorbs the healing that you are working with for this in your healing sessions. That's the short version, but let me explain more for you!


When we have energy healing work done for our energy bodies this healing work has to process down through them from the outer most areas all the way down to the physical body. The problems that you are dealing with did not show up over night and they were not created this way either. They have maifested over time working their way down through your energy fields all the way until you could detect them within your lower physical body. This is the same pathway that the energy healing works through.


This starts at the outer most area and works its way downward, healing all the way through this process. The problem areas are removed such as blockages and energy leakage points and so on, but the healing has to process this within the energy layers themselves. The best word to describe this that many people can relate to is absorption. This is what your energy fields are doing during the integration process. They are absorbing all of the positive energy, balancing this for your energy fields as well as raising your vibrational level.


So the next time when you are working through a healing session or a healing practitioner says your energy is integrating or that your sessions needs a week or two weeks for the integration period, you know what they mean. You can visualize the energy absorbing into your energy fields and healing all along the way. Each person's integration is different for their energy fields, as well as the healing work that they are undertaking. So give yourself enough time for a complete integration with each new session you have!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Learn what is energy integration and contact us for any distant spiritual healing services today!



What Is An Energy Filter For Healing?

Posted by Nicole Lanning on October 22, 2013 at 3:15 PM

What is an energy filter for healing? Many people have asked us what energy filters are and what they can do for your own energy fields. We are here today to explain a bit more for you about this topic as well as explain how to create one if you desire to. Working with these can help amplify your own healing energy that passes through your basic and lower energy bodies.


Working with energy filters is something that you will want to do if you are working with programming issues. This is also something major for your programming to help keep the negative and damaging energy to a minimum and increase your positive energy flow. Energy filters are what they sound like. Imagine if you had a coffee filter that was large enough to cover your energy fields and only let in positive energy and hold back the negative and damaging energy. This is what an energy filter is.


When you have an energy filter within your energy fields this is like an added bonus for your energy patterns when they are combined in with protections and shielding to keep your energy high and vibrant. Many have asked what happens to the negative and damaging energy that is there holding within your coffee filter around you. This can also be programmed to be sent to be reborn into positive healing light. You can have this done once a day, once a week, once a month and so on depending on what resonates best within your energy fields.


To place an energy filter for your energy fields, you will either want to work with the Universal Source energy or work with an energy healing modality for this to match your vibrational level. When creating this, work with your intention and programming so that this fits your needs for whatever filter you would like to create. The basic one many begin with is to keep the negative and damaging energy away from your energy fields. Program this for how often you would like the negative energy to be dissipated from this area and you can even program in a healing energy flush to keep this high and vibrant for your energy work!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Learn what is an energy filter for healing and how to work with them for your own energetic healing sessions.

What Is A Healing Energy Flush?

Posted by Nicole Lanning on October 22, 2013 at 3:15 PM

What is a healing energy flush? This is a question we get asked a lot with our healing services, so let me explain a bit more for you here today in this healing blog posting. We will be posting more informative information on here as well as tips for you to work with healing sessions on your own. If you need more information, just contact us and we are more than happy to help explain things for you!


Healing energy flushes are pretty much what they sound like. When you work with healing energy, a flush is something that comes into your energy fields (either from the Universal Source or from an energy attunement) that clears out your energy patterns. A healing energy flush can remove energetic debris, stagnant energy as well as other problem area. This can also help heal the energy pattern that it is flushing out. They have even been known to heal damaged areas and repair small energy leakage points.


When working with your healing flush, there are two different methods you can use for this work - working with the Universal Source or working with an energy format from an attunement. For the Universal Source, you can connect in to the Universal Source through your crown chakra and have this flush directly with the high vibrational energy for the energy pattern that you want to work on. This is a very easy method to use and everyone can do this, as you do not have to be attuned to any energy healing modality for this work. Simply state your intention before you connect in and again after you connect in for the healing flush, as well as give thanks when this is completed.


When working with an energy healing modality for this work, you will want to call up this attunement's energy for the healing flush to activate. Again, make sure to state your intention for this as well so that the healing flush is directed to the area that you want to work with for your energy patterns. It is helpful to use energy forms that are compatable with the energy pattern you want to work with, such as using an emotional energy healing format to work on clearing or balancing your emotional issues, and so on.


Simply find the way that works best for you and try incorporating etheric crystal, physical crystals, sound healing and other healing forms into your energy healing work to boost your healing progress!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. We hope you have enjoyed our blog posting on what is a healing energy flush and contact us today for any distant healing session questions.



Happy Halloween Energy Healing Tips

Posted by Nicole Lanning on October 22, 2013 at 3:15 PM

Today's blog posting is about tapping into the energies that are surround this wonderful day. So let me first tell you Happy Halloween! It is a very special day where the energies for today are in an alignment for you to connect in with the other side much easier than before. How do you do this? I have provided some techniques below for you to work with and connect in on your own spiritual plane!


Technique #1: You can work with crystal healing work for this day as today the energies are at the highest for a connection to be made with the spirit realm. For this you will want to work with a Spirit Crystal, Celestite or an Angelite for your crystals as the vibrational levels are at a great match for today's energy vibrations! When working with your crystals in your spirit communication sessions make sure to cleans and program them for your specific purpose for today! This will help clear any old programming from them as well.


Technique #2: Connecting in with your third eye and spirit connections is another way to work with the energies of today. For this you will want to make sure that your energy is grounded first and protected as well before you begin. Open your third eye chakra and allow the spirit connections and cords to be open and receptive to messages, visions, images, and positive information that comes through. You can even place an extra protection over your third eye chakra and spirit connections for this to make sure you only receive positive information through these areas!


Technique #3: Meditation is another big one for today. When working with your meditation for today make sure to surround yourself with energies of those you want to connect in with. Pictures, jewelry that can have their imprinted energy signature and other things that remind you of your loved ones can help when you are connecting in with the other side during your meditation session. Hold them in your hands during your session and remember to be open to the messages that come through and focus with your intention!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with energy healing tips for halloween or contact Nicole personally for a distant healing session!





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